Johns Latest Barn Find – Update!

Update on John’s barn find, popped over to see him today, and he’s happily working away on getting the latest find on the road!

Latest Pictures From the UK

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Original pictures from the States

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My good friend Mr Cochran has another really cool Model A barn find.

This time it’s a 1929 Tudor that was sat under a lean to for 25 years!

These pictures are from the previous owners in the States, hope to take some here in the UK soon


1912 Buick Model 29 Touring, just like the one…

This article on Barn Finds took me back to the day my A was delivered.

The truck arrived and the A was sharing the load space with a lovely Buick much like the one featured in the article.

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The Anti-Concours: 1918 Stutz Hot Rod

The Anti-Concours: 1918 Stutz Hot Rod
Sure wish I was at Pebble Beach right now… Back in 2011 Josh and I had the opportunity to attend many of the events that take place every August on the Monterey Peninsula. We sure had a great time. It seems that everyone else did too and they must have told all their friends about it. Hotel room prices have skyrocketed as a result so we will have to be content watching from a distance yet again this year. To honor all those fancy machines sitting on the manicured lawns this morning, I wanted to featured this 1918 Stutz. Now, this is not like any Stutz you are going to see at the concours. Some might call it a blasphemy, but I think it’s just plain cool. Find it here on eBay in Lansdale, Pennsylvania for $21,500 or best offer.

Cheap Fun: 1952 Crosley Super Sport

Cheap Fun: 1952 Crosley Super Sport

There probably isn’t a single one of us here who doesn’t dream of finding a Cobra or some other super rare roadster hiding in a barn, but the truth is, very few of us will ever have that kind of experience. That doesn’t mean that there still aren’t a lot of other great finds out there, many of which fit into any budget. Sometimes the budget finds are just as much, if not more fun, than the expensive ones anyway. Sure this 1952 Crosley Super Sport won’t ever beat a Cobra in a race, but it would bring just as many smiles to my face as any high dollar exotic. The fact that I could drive it like I stole it and not have to worry about breaking any speed limits would be a massive plus. This one is going to need a lot of work before it will be ready to be driven hard, but there really isn’t a lot to these little cars. Find it here on eBay in Houston, Texas with bidding at $2,000.