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Brake Drum Swap in Pursuit of the Brake Pull

Brake Drum Swap in Pursuit of the Brake Pull


The Sport Coupe has been exhibiting the long standing brake a little more as time goes on. The left hand front drum has always had a few issues so it was time to swap it out with the one I acquired a while back.

As you can see the drum is quite marked up and has transferred the marking to the shoes.

The brakes shoes cleaned up well and the replacement drum was fitted. As you can see it differs slightly having the later grease cap. Everything fitted up OK. The white wall needs a good clean. Will run the car and see how the brakes perform. The previously fitted brake drum will go off to be resurfaced and will return at some point.

Brake Drum Investigation


The Model A has an early Ford juice brake setup rather than Henry’s original mechanical system. The car is exhibiting a bit of a brake pull under heavy braking and left front brake drum is a little scored.

I was given a drum a while back that is marked “cracked” so decided to investigate condition.

The drum has been stored in the shed for quite a while, so being cast it’s a bit rusty

Had a go at cleaning up and removing the majority of the rust

What seems to be the original wheel bearings seem to be still in place and in good shape.

Part numbers appear to be visible on the drum

Next step will be to run the drum up on a lathe to further clean the braking surface and check for cracks. But so far so good