Tag: Buying a collector car during a pandemic

Buying a collector car during a pandemic is easy, when you do your homework – Andy Reid @ClassicCars.com


We are in a new age where if we want to buy a collector car, we might not be able to see it in person — or even have an inspection done. Whether it be on ClassicCars.com, an online auction site, or a brick and mortar auction phone-in bid, this idea of buying cars at a distance is becoming more and more the norm. If you doubt that people are doing this, check out some of the prices realized online or the speed that some cars disappear from classified sites such as ClassicCars.com these days.

While this distance buying with no inspection may be new for some people, a number of friends and I have been rolling the dice with classic car purchases like these for years. It is always an adventure and while in my case I have had pretty good luck, there are avoidable perils with buying a car sight unseen.

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