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Car Photography 101: Get the right “hero” and exterior shots to get buyers excited – Terry Shea @Hemmings

Car Photography 101: Get the right “hero” and exterior shots to get buyers excited – Terry Shea @Hemmings


Photographing your car, part 2

Last week, we looked at getting your car ready to photograph for an auction or classified. This week, we look at some tips for getting the best glamour shots and overall images of your vehicle. For all of our advice on how to photograph your car for maximum success, check out our Car Photography 101 tag page.
Your lead image is important as it will be the first thing viewers see when browsing Hemmings AuctionsHemmings Classifieds, or anywhere else you might try to sell your vehicle. A search might show potential buyers the listing for your vehicle, but a subpar picture could keep them from clicking and reading more; the automotive shopping equivalent of swiping left, in modern parlance. It’s best to make your car stand out.


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Car Photography 101: A few minutes of photo prep will help bring top dollar for your online car listing – Terry Shea @Hemmings

Selling a car on the internet means you’ll have shoppers looking from a long distance, and photography is a critically important part of any online auction or classified listing. A picture is no longer an enticement for an in-person viewing, and good photos can make the difference between a quick sale at a good price versus months of inaction and lowball offers.
We’re here to help. In the first of a seven-part series on photographing your vehicle for sale, we’re covering the steps to take before shooting, like preparing the car and finding a suitable photo location. To get the most interest and top dollar for your car, read on. For more advice, find the rest of the series on our Car Photography 101 tag page.
Do the little fixes, then clean—and clean out—your car
  • Make all the quick fixes the car needs
  • Clean your car inside and out
  • Don’t just stop at the interior and exterior, show some love to the engine bay and trunk
The first step to good presentation of your car is preparing it for photography. Your car should be auction ready even before you submit it, and even if you’re only posting a classified. Needs a small repair, but “it only takes a few minutes” and you already have the part? Well, spend the few minutes and get it done. Leaving those repairs for the next owner keeps potential bidders away and invites hagglers to talk down your asking price