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Tom Cotter Interview @CarsYeah

Tom Cotter Interview @CarsYeah


Tom Cotter

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Tom Cotter has been a car-crazy guy his entire life. After selling his company in 2000 he bought himself a 289 Cobra and drove across the United States with his pal Peter Egan. Yes, that Peter Egan. His car collection grew and he wrote his first book, Homan-Moody, The Legendary Team. Then he wrote a series of six books on barn-finds including The Cobra in The Barn, The HemiThe VincentThe Corvette, and The Harley in The Barn. His latest book, 50 Shades of Rust was just released. He’s written biographies, been a contributing Editor of Road & Track magazine for 12 years and writes for the New York Times. He’s the former Co-Chairman of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and teaches public relations at Belmont Abbey College. His latest build is a ’32 Ford Hi Boy Roadster that he’s dreamed about since he was 15 years old.


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“Don’t be afraid to take chances.”


Tom had a very secure job at Charlotte Motor Speedway. A position most would say was a destination career. Listen to find out what happened when Tom took a huge chance and decided to leave and start his own company.


When his boss sat him down and asked Tom where he saw himself in five years he said ‘Running my own business.” Not the answer a boss usually wants to hear. Listen and find out how Tom made that happen. Then there’s another ah-ha moment that includes a Cunningham he found in a barn…


A 1939 Ford Deluxe Woodie – You won’t want to miss the story about this car.


Buy from your heart, not from your wallet.


A Higher Call – Adam Makos


“Effort equals results.” – Roger Penske


 Tom Cotter’s Books


50 Shades of Rust

Holman-Moody: The Legendary Race Team

The Cobra In The Barn

The Vincent In The Barn

The Harley In The Barn

The Corvette In The Barn

The Hemi In The Barn

Lost And Found: More Great Barn Finds

Rockin’ Garages

TV Tommy Ivo Drag Racing


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Shay, Pray and the Replica Car Movement Part 2


The story of Glenn Pray is very different from that of Harry Shay covered in Part 1.

Glenn Pray was a school teacher when he purchased the assets of the former Auburn Cord Deusenberg company back in 1960. Upon the winding up of E.L.Cord’s company back in 1938 the assets had been originally purchased by a Buick dealer from Flint Michigan named Dallas Winslow. Winslow has continued to offer parts and service from the original ACD building in Auburn. Upon purchase Pray moved lock stock and barrel to a former cannery in Broken Arrow Oklahoma and set up in business.

Pray gained a reputation as the foremost supplier of Auburn and Cord parts saving may valuable vehicles in the process, his cannery site becoming a must visit for all enthusiasts of the marques.

Starting in the 1960’s Glenn Pray also introduced what became the first well known replica cars, Pray preferred to call the cars “second generation” this endeavour was not a financial success.  The cars however have gained a cult following and have been recognised by the ACD club fittingly as “The Second Generation Cars”

Sadly Glenn Pray passed away in 2011

You can find a lot more from Chris Summers about ACD and Glenn Pray here

Glenn’s son Doug carried on the business and it was featured on the TV Show American Pickers

You can hear an interview with Doug on Mark Greene’s excellent “Cars Yeah” podcast here

If you ever get a chance to visit the ACD museum grab it with both hands, I visited a few years ago and it’s a wonderful place!

Visit to the ACD