Concept car poaching, Pininfarina, and plastic body panels: The story behind the Chevrolet Lumina APV minivan’s creation – Brett Berk @Hemmings

The 1989 Chevrolet Lumina APV was a resolutely futuristic design. With its extraordinarily fast front windshield angle, its rounded box passenger compartment, its blacked-out roof, and its injected-molded plastic body panels, it looked more like a Syd Mead concept for an Eighties… Read More ›

Which one of these four vintage pickups from the Sixties would you choose for your dream garage? – Matt Litwin @Hemmings

If there is a vehicle that built the American economy, it is arguably the pickup. Consider its versatility in basic light-duty form: Farmers could bring their humble harvest to market in the same design that enabled store owners to deliver goods to… Read More ›

Which one of these four postwar woodie wagons would you choose for your dream garage? – Matt Litwin @Hemmings

Back in the day, those seeking outdoor adventures may have called upon the station wagon as one means to lug their gear to their travel destination. So, let’s take a step further back in our latest edition of This or That by offering… Read More ›

A decade of difference in the Chevy Camaro: 1967 Z/28 vs. 1977 Z28 – Thomas A. DeMauro @Hemmings

The Z28 is worshipped by legions of fans and is even begrudgingly respected by some whose loyalties lie with its competitors. It was conceived by Chevrolet’s Product Promotion Engineering Manager Vince Piggins, to pummel the Ford Mustang in the Sports… Read More ›

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