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Here’s Why People Are Putting Chevy Engines Into Their Ford Hot Rods – David Schmidt @HotCars

Here’s Why People Are Putting Chevy Engines Into Their Ford Hot Rods – David Schmidt @HotCars


There are several reasons people put Chevy engines into their Ford hot rods even though it raises the blood pressure of many a car enthusiast.

The idea of putting a Chevy engine into a Ford hotrod rubs some people the wrong way. For many purists, a Ford should have a Ford engine, a Chevy should have a Chevy engine, a Mopar should have a – well, you get the point. These enthusiasts are loyal to their brands and have strong opinions about engine swaps.

And then there’s the hot rod community. Being largely rooted in car modifying, hot rodders take off fenders, chop tops, and stick different engines in different cars without thinking twice. It’s what they do. Though that’s not to say there aren’t purists among the hot rodding community as well who think Fords should have Ford engines only – yet it’s commonplace to find Chevy engines in Fords among hot rodders.

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This 1940 Ford Convertible Custom Has Deep Family Ties – Tim Bernsau @HotRod


Her name is Debbie Walls and she has contributed to the upgrade of thousands of street rods over the past three decades. Maybe yours. Debbie and her husband, Skip, are the founders of Lokar Performance Parts as well as hard-core hot rod enthusiasts. It’s always interesting to find out what the people who create performance and dress-up products for our hobby, people like Skip and Debbie, have in their personal corral. In their case, the list has been long and includes race cars and muscle cars in addition to street rods.

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Wayne Matthews started building this ’42 Chevy pickup with a simple desire: to have a head-turning truck from the year he was born. He got much more than that when he walked into Big Oak Garage unannounced and sealed a deal with shop owner Will Posey. After Posey and his crew were done with the ’42, it was a show-stopping hauler worthy of a 2018 Truck of the Year Early finalist nod.

The first step was to solidify a smooth ride with modern handling abilities. In came an Art Morrison chassis equipped with RideTech coil-overs to dampen the independent front suspension and four-link-suspended 9-inch rearend. Schott Magnitude wheels were added to each corner – 18×7 up front and 19×12 in the rear – and finished with custom knock-off center caps and Pirelli tires.

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The Hot Rod: Resurrection of a Legend – Brock Yates


Currently reading the book “The Hot Rod: Resurrection of a Legend by Brock Yates” which tracks the story of the famed Eliminator Hot Rod from build to rediscovery and restoration, plus a good background history of Hot Rodding into the bargain.

You can find an article written by the author on the Hot Rod website here

A slideshow of the car can be seen on the link below


This should give you a taste for what is a remarkable story very well told by the author, you can find the book on Amazon

A sad footnote is that Brock Yates is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and the attempted sale of his beloved Eliminator was subject of an episode of the TV show “Chasing Classic Cars” Season 6 Episode 18

Brock’s Wikipedia entry is here, you’ll also see that Brock was responsible for initiating the famous “Canonball Run” amongst his many achievements.

If you have any interest in Hot Rods and the time period, this is a great read.

There is an article here at Hemmings regarding the Brock Yates Tribute Fund

Brock Yates’s Eliminator and Novi Special Replica Fail to Sell in Monterey

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