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1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Front Brake Maintenance

1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Front Brake Maintenance


Since the juice brakes were updated not long after I got the car, one of the previous owners had changed the standard Model A mechanical brakes to hydraulic (juice) brakes. They had used the earlier brakes and I converted to the later 39-48 version which in my experience are easier to maintain. The reason for taking a look at the front brakes was that the passenger side front was grabbing a little when cold.

All the the shoes were cleaned up with abrasive paper, the shoe touch points and adjusters lubricated. The drivers side front brake drum is showing signs of wear from previous brake shoe wear issues. A new drum will be sourced as well as a set of shoes. After the inspection the drums were refitted, wheel bearings repacked and the brakes adjusted. Wheels were then refitted ensuring that the wheel protection rings were fitted between the wheels and brake drums. These rings stop the wire wheels from cracking. Wheel bearings were adjusted and split pins fitted, then brakes were adjusted.

Whilst working on the front brakes I took the opportunity to adjust the cables on the excellent Cling handbrake system. Details here

Emergency/Handbrake Solution


My Model A had a hydraulic brake conversion done on it before I purchased it, like most things that have been done it’s been pretty poorly executed. The emergency brake has particularly badly done. I looked into trying to make something, but Cling’s Aftermarket in Arizona provide a ready made kit. Even with the shipping it’s a pragmatic solution.

Emergency Brake Kit (Product Code:2004)

With no modification to your Model A, cable simply attaches to the original Emergency Brake Cross Shaft. Fits years 1928 – 1931.Complete kit includes:
  • Mounting bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Cable and ends
  • Cable adjusters

Rear Brakes and Handbrake


Those who know my A will know that it had a pretty bad hydraulic brake conversion.

I’ve been gathering parts to rectify the mess for quite a while, whilst the car is at Simon’s it’s an ideal opportunity to get things sorted:

  • Swap rear backing plates for the single adjuster 46-48 units
  • Remove all hydraulic brake pipes, rework and replace as required
  • Fit Cling Automotive custom handbrake cable set up

As always Simon did a great job on everything with a small bit of help from yours truly!