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The Rambler Ranch Elizabeth Colorado

The Rambler Ranch Elizabeth Colorado


If there were a single word to describe The Rambler Ranch it would be “eclectic”. In fact, its founder, Terry Gale, can aptly be described as eclectic as well.

Terry’s ultimate goal is to have a complete 1917 to 1988 Nash/Rambler/AMC history showcased, and not just of the commonly known automobiles, but also of the appliances, tractors, commercial & military vehicles; a goal which is now certainly within reach. He has also expanded to over 60 other makes and models of vehicles in addition his core focus, making the experience even more enjoyable

Some of the features of Terry’s amazing enterprise are:


Nash Automotive History (1917-1957)

  • The Nash History Center highlights cars dating from 1917 – 1957.

  • Not to mention every inch of the exhibit is littered with historical propaganda all produced by Nash/Rambler. (Ads, Billboards, manuels…)

  • This facilitly is also home to the one-of-a-kind PININFARINA (concept car)

  • 1 of 1.

1920’s Sinclair Gas Station Replica

  • Come visit the Rambler Ranch ice cream & gift shop! Both housed in our old-fashioned Sinclair gas-station.

  • Featuring Rambler Ranch one-of-a-kind merchandise. (only available on-site)

  • Take a taste of our locally homemade ice cream flavors! Yum!

  • Or even get a photo at the pump! Totally RETRO man!


  • The AMC building features over 100 examples of original, unrestored vehicles. Spanning decades of both iconic design and technical innovation.

  • In addition to the 100+ AMC cars this building houses hundreds of petrolina memorabilia!

Kelvinator History Center

  • Kelvintaor was purchased by Nash in 1937.

  • Showcases vintage appliances.

  • see what life used to be like in the kitchen!

  • Featuring other automotive owned appliance companies…

  • + More!

2018 Hot Rod Hill Climb Photos — Royboy Productions


Take a look at Travis’s excellent coverage of the 2018 Hot Rod Hill Climb in Colorado.

Whilst you are there take a look at all of his articles and maybe buy a copy of his book covering his epic 48 cars in 48 states trip, also don’t forget his podcast!

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