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Buying Dan Gurney’s Chevy Impala – Ed Foster @GoodwoodRoad&Racing

Buying Dan Gurney’s Chevy Impala – Ed Foster @GoodwoodRoad&Racing


Great series of articles from Ed Foster on the story of Dan Gurney’s Impala and it’s return to the UK and the completion of Dan’s final two laps at Silverstone

As with many projects, this one started with a passing remark from someone. Matt Hearn, the Event Content Manager here at Goodwood, mentioned ‘Dan Gurney’s Impala’ and, having never heard of it, I Googled the car.

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Good news and bad news. It should be a strapline for motor racing, shouldn’t it? Some of you will remember a piece I wrote about buying Dan Gurney’s 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS in March. Since then the car has undergone a left-hand-drive conversion, has been shipped over to the UK and I have now finally seen it…

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The third and final part of the story: the Chevrolet Impala SS nears the end of its journey to the Goodwood Revival, but it hasn’t been without its problems…
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