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TOUR: Jeff Catlin’s MUSTANG Collection!! 

TOUR: Jeff Catlin’s MUSTANG Collection!! 


Text from Timeless Muscle Magazine story here

We love watching clips of personal car collections, barn finds, project car rescues and those that show personalities buying and flipping cars. Some of those most famous for doing so are Richard Rawlings, Dennis Collins and their friend, Trans Am guru, Dave Hall of Restore a Muscle Car.

Today, we ran across this latest video from Dennis Collins, who is most known for his expertise in vintage and modern Jeep vehicles, but naturally, is pretty well-versed in just about everything from classic muscle cars and modern exotic sports cars. Usually, Dennis focuses more on buying and flipping cars, or gives us a tour of whatever he currently has in his shop at the moment. But every now and then, he takes us on a trip to visit someone’s private car collection, and that’s just what he’s done here

A personal friend of his, Jeff Catlin, has been buying, selling, restoring and modifying Mustangs from the first-generation, to the more modern SN95 cars of the ’90s. He talks us through some of the cars he’s currently working on, tells us a bit about his background and gives us a closer look at some of the jewels in his collection.

What we see, is a legit Salon Fox Body from 1987, a super clean 6-shooter first get, a pair of mild pro-touring first-gens and a former Arizona state trooper Fox Body notch. There’s also a black Fox coupe with some large-diameter rollers on it, and a aftermarket chassis sitting inside Jeff’s shop, with some impressive hardware attached to it.

We could tell you more, but we’ll let Dennis’ video fill in all of the details.

HELP: MYSTERY SHELBY MUSTANG!! – Dennis Collins Coffewalk


Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 180! There’s no better way to kick off a new year than with an OUTSTANDING 1967 Mustang GT350 Shelby! The only catch is, we don’t know the full history of it! We need your help finding out how this Shelby got here! Please email any information or video to Social@CBJeep.com

JEEP RESCUE MISSION in Farmersville, Texas!! – Dennis Collins @CoffeeWalk


Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 156! Instead of taking our lunch breaks, my crew and I decided to head out East to Farmersville, Texas for a Jeep rescue mission. With the disruptions in the Jeep parts supply chain over the better part of the last year, these parts Jeeps are starting to become more and more in need and harder and harder to find. Interested in any parts off of the Jeeps in today’s episode? Shoot us an email to Social@CBJeep.com and we’ll let you know if we’ve already called dibs on it or not.

You couldn’t steal this ARMORED DODGE TRUCK if you tried!! – Dennis Collins @CoffeeWalk


Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 153! This week I loaded up the truck and trailer with my son, Connor, to head down south to Mount Pleasant, Texas to buy a 1940’s Armored Dodge Truck that is so ugly… it’s actually beautiful!! Special thanks to our #1 finder in the Nation, Mike Tabbi, for the lead and to “Mount Pleasant Burgers & Fries” for getting us fed- that sure was a dang good burger!

How did this RARE MUSCLE CAR end up HERE?! – @DennisCollins Coffee Walk


Another excellent find from Dennis and the team

Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 152! This past week we took off from the shop in Wylie, Texas and set out for a 1,000 mile one-day round-trip up to Alton, Missouri to rescue a 1967 Mustang that is said to be in the most desirable color with the two most sought after mechanical options. How in the world did that car end up here?! Well sit back, grab your cup of joe and give it a watch to find out!



Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 148 Man do I have a heck of a buy to show y’all!! This week my team and I packed up both trucks and trailers and headed out East to Purcellville, Virginia for an incredible Americana Classics Barn Find that I have been working on for a good while now with the family of the late J. Roland Stephens. After picking up some of the rarest low-mile Jeeps in the world, we then decided to truck on over to Butler, Pennsylvania to get a look at the factory where these Jeeps were built *hint, hint*.

Coffee Walk – Numbers Matching 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H – Dennis Collins


Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 140! Today’s Coffee Walk is one that my team and I have put a lot of passion and hours into.

This numbers-matching 1966 Mustang Shelby GT350H (previously in storage for 49 years) has the pedigree, history, style, class and importance to make any car guy / gal completely geek out- especially me.

Now go on ahead and take a look at today’s episode and let me know what y’all think! As always… go fast, have fun and have a GREAT WEEKEND!!

This 1966 MUSTANG SHELBY GT 350 HERTZ is being offered for sale right now on Bring-A-Trailer.com (BARN FIND on Bring-A-Trailer) Bring-A-Trailer Auction: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/196…

Auction ends Monday, April 12 at 1:00pm This 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H was originally used as a Hertz rental car in Virginia and is said to have been stored in 1972 by its previous owner, from whom the selling dealer acquired the car out of Colorado in January 2021. Subsequent work included refinishing and installing a replacement driver-side door, inspecting the cylinder heads, overhauling the brakes and fuel system, rebuilding the carburetor, changing the fluids, and replacing the tires.

Finished in black with gold stripes over a black interior, the car is powered by a numbers-matching 289ci V8 paired with a three-speed automatic transmission and a 9″ rear axle. Additional features include fixed quarter windows, hood and side scoops, 14″ wheels, front disc brakes, lap harnesses, and an AM radio

. This GT350H is now offered in Texas with its removed driver-side door, fuel pump, and front brake calipers as well as order sheets and correspondence from SAAC, an owner’s manual, and a clean Colorado title.

West Texas Muscle Car Rescue @CoffeeWalk with Dennis Collins


Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 139! I got a last minute phone call last night that a group of cars that I have been chasing for a while now could finally be mine.

The kicker? It was 4pm in Dallas and we had to make it to Amarillo with the truck and trailer by morning. (Insert dad joke)… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

My team and I took off from the shop last night and headed out West to Amarillo, Texas for an 800 mile rescue mission.

Watch us save a 1966 Porsche 912, 1968 Dodge Charger 318 V8 and a 1969 Dodge Charger 383 V8 4V 4-speed. We’ve had a high amount of energy drinks and a low amount of sleep over the last 24 hours, but the juice was DEFINITELY worth the squeeze on this one! As always… GO FAST, HAVE FUN & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! and thanks for watching!

How FAST will a COP CAR actually go?! – Dennis Collins Coffee Walk @YouTube


Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 132! This week, my team and I took off on what we thought was going to be a buy for one of the rarest C10 trucks that I’ve ever heard of. Well, when that deal ended up not closing, the car gods redirected us to one of the most interesting cars that I’ve test driven and bought in a very long time.

But one very important question was FINALLY answered… exactly how fast does a police car actually go?! And for all of our loyal Coffee Walkers that subscribe to my YouTube channel, as well as follow me here on Facebook, THANK YOU!! 200k subscribers is a huge milestone for me and my entire team to have reached and we are genuinely thankful for every single one of you!