Edsel’s masterpiece – designed by Edsel Ford, crafted by Karosserie Deutsch

Edsel Ford’s restyled 34 Ford was a team effort, designed by Edsel, Coachwork in Germany, Interior from Detroit.

Edsel christened the car “Luxus” German for luxury.

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The Arsenal of Democracy: FDR, and an Epic Quest to arm an America at War – by A.J. Baime

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“The Arsenal of Democracy” was a phrase coined by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1940 in reference to the collaborative efforts of American industry in supporting the allied war effort by mobilising the mass production efforts to change production from consumer and other products to plane, tanks, bombs and other item required to win the war

As with all of A J Baime’s books this one is well researched and shows a deep knowledge of Detroit industry and in particular Ford Motor Company in wartime. The intricacies of the complex Father & Son relationship between Henry I and Edsel and the rise of Henry II are well described, along with Edsel Ford’s largely unsung role. Having read extensively on the subject of the early Ford Motor Company this book is a great addition and provided many new angles and facts.

A great read!

As an interesting footnote to the story of Willow Run, there is a campaign to stop the demolition of the bomber plant.

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Memorandum from Ernest Kanzler to Henry Ford regarding Replacing the Model T, 1926 – The Henry Ford Archives

Ernest Kanzler

This memo was probably on of the reasons that Henry Ford eventually replaced the Model T, however it cost Kanzler his job and damaged Edsel Ford’s career.

The memo in the Henry Ford Museum Archives

Edsel B. Ford – Condensed from several articles in 1989, by Edsel owner Ron Osborn, Drawings by Harry Bradley

Edsel Bryant Ford

A nice compilation of articles on Edsel Ford from the Edsel owners club website

Edsel’s Roadsters

Edsel Ford 32

Edsel Ford 32


Edsel Ford 34

You can read the article here

Rare Indeed – 1929 Model A Town Car

Edsel Ford’s idea of a Town Car based on the Model A never really chimed with the intended audience, this plus the Great Depression killed off the idea as the cost was double the standard Model A. 
One of the reminding 19 examples is for sale and can be seen Here at a mere $177000! Purchase at your own risk I’d say?

Edsel Ford should have changed Ford forever, but he never got the chance

Edsel Ford should have changed Ford forever, but he never got the chance

Edsel Ford

Great article from David Traver Adolphus on the Hagerty website

It really is a sad story of what might have been had Edsel been given a chance to succeed.

Sadly Henry wouldn’t let go of either the Model T or the Company.

A Video History of the Lincoln Automobile – Mac’s Motor City Garage

The Lincoln Motor Company (also known simply as Lincoln) is a division of the U.S.-based Ford Motor Company that sells luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand. Founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland, Lincoln has been a subsidiary of Ford since 1922.

Look back at the history of Lincoln via this video

Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental

Who knows what happened to the third Edsel Ford speedster? (Daniel Strohl Hemmings)

Who knows what happened to Edsel Ford’s third speedster?

1935 Special Sports – the one that seemingly nobody has seen in more than six decades.

Article from Daniel Strohl at Hemmings

Who knows what happened to the third Edsel Ford speedster? Who knows what happened to the third Edsel Ford speedster?

Edsel’s Hot Rods an update…

After my recent post on Edsel Ford’s hot rods, an Italian gentleman named Riccardo Grasso has built a tribute to Edsel’s 1934 speedster.  An article from Hemmings Motor New can be found here