The Electric Car Future, Good or Bad?

Chevy Bolt EV


Don’t shoot me but I’ve been considering the electric car and what the impact on both the car hobby and the motor industry in general.

I’ve collected a few articles that may help to clarify where we all might end up?

The first article is by

Oliver Hazimeh is director and head of the global e-Mobility practice at PRTM, a global management consulting firm. He can be reached at

The article is titled “Preparing For The Electric Car Future”

and was published by Forbes here

The article ” Morgan Stanley is wrong – electric cars aren’t going to take over” by Matthew DeBord gives a different slant to things here on Business Insider


Tesla Model 3

Regardless of what we think, wll the major manufacturers are introducing EV programmes which are being supported by the announcement of increasing regulation and eventual banning of the conventional ICE engined vehicle as we know it.

I’m actually looking forward to the convergence of my two areas of interest into one!


EV Woes Once Again

It would appear that the ongoing credibility problem with electric vehicles is no nearer to being resolved when you see stories such as this Tesla story from the Register

I still wonder where we would have been had GM and other manufacturers had not ditched the earlier EV programmes as detailed in the film, “Who Killed the Electric Car”

You can see ex GM CEO Rick Wagoner explaining his take on the EV1 here

Well known green activist Ed Begley is still running around in a Toyota RAV4 EV from some years back

As for me, I’ve no objection to EV’s’ but I’m not prepared to to lose the convenience factor and pay the extra cost at this point.

In the galleries below you can see some photos of the GM EV1 and the Ford EV concept  that are  in the Petersen Auto Museum taken during our visit


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Ford EV

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