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Movie About The Legacy Of Henry Ford Is In The Works – Shane McGlaun @FordAuthority

Movie About The Legacy Of Henry Ford Is In The Works – Shane McGlaun @FordAuthority


The legacy that Henry Ford left behind for not only his namesake company but the automotive industry, in general, can’t be denied. A new movie has received the green light after landing a grant from a Detroit nonprofit that supports the region’s automotive and labor industry. The film is called “Ten Questions for Henry Ford.”

The film was among the more than a dozen projects that received a share of $66,000 from the Motorcities National Heritage Area. Its creator hails the movie as being a blend of historical fact and “poetic imagining.” The film’s share of the money totaled $9,000 and was given through the University of Michigan Department of Performing Arts Technology.

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The Forgotten “Elvis Roadster” is For Sale! – Zach Martin @HotRod


The Forgotten “Elvis Roadster” is For Sale! – Zach Martin @HotRod

On August 31, 2019 the roadster that Elvis Presley drove in the hit film Loving You will be auctioned off in the Kruse GWS Auction titled The Artifacts of Hollywood & Music at the Hollywood Hard Rock Café. This car only had one owner, and it wasn’t The King. It was owned and built by hot rodding pioneer John Athan in 1937. It is a Ford Model A body sitting atop 1932 Ford frame rails powered by a Flathead V8 with twin Stromberg carburetors.

The car was driven by Elvis himself in his first role in the 1957 film Loving You. It was all but forgotten even by his biggest fans because according to GWS Auctions, Athan had a lot of sentimental attachment. So much so that one of the biggest music and pop culture icons, Elvis Presely, couldn’t even buy it.

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Bonnie and Clyde death car – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


With the Bonnie and Clyde story coming back to the fore with the Costner and Harrelson film “The Highwaymen” directed by John Lee Hancock released by Netflix this 2014 article from Hemmings on the history of the death car is a good read, especially if you follow all the links that Daniel has researched. The genuine car is sadly sitting in a Nevada casino.

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The Highwaymen (2019) – Costner & Harrelson, Bringing Down Bonnie & Clyde

Enjoyable film especially for lovers of the 30’s and vintage Fords

Kevin Costner is an actor who makes almost everything he’s in better. A reliable force in Hollywood for decades now, he brings a gravitas to his roles that elevate most projects. In the case of The Highwaymen, a new film that just hit Netflix yesterday, his performance almost is enough to recommend it on its own. The whole final product is a bit too uneven, though Costner is really strong in the central role. While the flick is making some unusual choices, Costner is just doing his thing and putting the movie on his back. It doesn’t fully make up for the shortcomings, but the film knows that Costner is the selling point and leans into that. The movie is a true life drama based on the untold story of the two legendary detectives and former Texas Rangers who were able to bring down Bonnie and Clyde. At the onset,

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RE Olds Transportation Museum previews “R.E. Olds & The First Auto City” – David Conwill @Hemmings


Lansing, Michigan, is best known outside the automotive world as being the state capital, a designation it received in 1847 on the feeling that its central location (within the thickly settled lower peninsula) was more equitable than running things from Detroit — then and now Michigan’s largest city, but tucked away in the southeast corner of the state. Automobiles weren’t even so much as a pipe dream in a state filled with white pines waiting to be felled.

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The Vietnam War: A film by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick – PBS


I’ve recently finished watching the PBS series on the Vietnam War. The film series shows the war for what it was, a tragedy on an enormous scale that was completely avoidable.

You can find the details of the file episode by episode here 

It’s a tough watch in parts, but essential for anyone who wants to understand the period and the Vietnam War’s place and effects.

The American Dream Project – Film Series Netflix

The American Dream Project

In this original, authentic and beautifully filmed series, we see James an adventurous Englishman and his pal Todd, an American photographer, embark on the ride of their lives. As they travel from coast to coast on their motorbikes, these two friends are determined to prove that the American Dream is not only still alive, but thriving.

Inspired to show the flipside to the negativity Americans encounter every day, James and Todd plot their route with the help of people they meet on social media. But with only $250.00 each, James and Todd must earn their keep. From the biggest cities to the smallest towns, we bear witness to the hardships and successes of real everyday people. While experiencing the grit, determination and optimism across the US, James and Todd document and showcase that The American Dream resides within all of us.

In partnership with Cole Haan, this series aims to unearth the goodness in the United States. We discover what it means to truly view life and all its idiosyncrasies through the American lens.

Lenny’s Garage – Great Film from Peter Crosby


by Jeff Scherer  From Explore Brooklyn

Watch the film here on Vimeo


Peter Crosby is the Brooklyn filmmaker behind such documentary shorts as Friends of Firefighters (featuring Steve Buscemi) and the award-winning The Oyster Men. His latest film, “Lenny’s Garage,” is a profile of Leonard Shiller, a lifelong resident of Brooklyn who has a Gowanus garage full of 58 classic cars, vintage bikes and motorcycles, and other memorabilia.

The gorgeously photographed film is a rare opportunity to peek inside his garage, the former home of the California Pie Company. His classic car collection includes a 1929 Durant rumble-seat coupe, a 1951 Hudson Pacemaker, a 1979 New York City checker cab and a 1965 Ford Good Humor Ice Cream truck. This isn’t the Smithsonian, though — Schiller keeps the garage jam-packed with car parts and likes to get his hands dirty.

“What I really enjoy is being here and figuring what’s wrong with one of the cars, and actually being able to fix it with my own hands,” he says. “When I had the ’36 Chevy I actually took the whole engine apart and rebuilt it, and I enjoy that kind of work. I find it therapeutic.”

Schiller is the president of the Antique Auto Association of Brooklyn, a club that often participates in local street fairs and parades. “Lenny’s Garage” was chosen as a Staff Pick by Vimeo