Ford tested an all-wheel-drive Mustang in 1965 – Fox News Auto Jim Koscs

From Jim Koscs at Fox News Auto.

Ford tested an all-wheel-drive Mustang in 1965
Ford tested an all-wheel-drive Mustang in 1965

It would appear that Ford built and tested a four wheel drive Mustang back in the day.

Dodge made ponycar history for 2017 by introducing a Challenger model with all-wheel drive. Although equipped with a V-6, it’s sure to please enthusiasts in Snowbelt states. Might Ford follow suit with the Mustang? The company did, after all, test four-wheel drive in the Mustang 52 years ago. The drivable prototype, which also has an early form of anti-lock brakes, still exists.

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Rodder’s Journal – Flatheads Everything you wanted to know about Henry’s first V8, all in one place.

There is a great Flathead resource right here at the Rodder’s Journal

Rodder's Journal - Flathead Archives
Rodder’s Journal – Flathead Archives

This is a great collection of books on the venerable flattie!

As always Rodder’s Journal is the place to go!

The Classic Motor Show 2016

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Took a trip to the Birmingham NEC to visit the 2016 Classic  Motor Show.

A number of celebrities such as Edd China and Mike Brewer were in attendance.

American cars were well represented across the board in terms of both vehicles and clubs.

I popped in and had a chat with the guys on the MAFCGB stand and was made very welcome!

A day out all around!

Tour through the River Rouge Plant (circa 1939) | The Jalopy Journal The Jalopy Journal

Interesting from the Jalopy Journal a tour of the Ford River Rouge Plant in 1939. We went a few years ago and F150 trucks were being built on a vastly different line. The visitor centre and tour is good, as is a look at the nearby Greenfield Village