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A Detailed Look Back At The Ford Model B – Jason Collins @HotCars

A Detailed Look Back At The Ford Model B – Jason Collins @HotCars


A classic, elegant cat that shows sophistication and yet has a mean streak underneath the hood of the car.

Ford is a car brand that has been around for a very long time. The Ford Model B range changed the look and feel over the years. We will be taking a look at the history behind this classic car as well as how it turned into the iconic 1932 Ford Model B which was not a good seller back in the day but nowadays, people cannot get enough of it.

The Ford Model B is a better version than the Model A. They took everything that was right with the Model A, removed all the problems, and thought it would be a good idea to add in a 4 cylinder engine which was a first for Ford.

Ford Motor Company produced two different models with the Model B name, Ford Model B 1904 and Ford Model B 1932.

In 1904, Ford introduced the upscale touring car. It had polished wood and brass trimming. It was built at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. It was Ford’s first car to use the front-engine layout that had a large 24 horsepower 4-cylinder engine positioned at the front of the car behind a conventional radiator.

It was a 2-speed transmission and the engine was a 283.5CID.

It was priced at $ 2 000 which is equivalent to about $ 57 000.00 today. It was a high-end car that was produced for three years. The sales of the car were slow due to the price of the car and it was replaced by the derivative model K in 1906 which was cheaper for the consumer.

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What makes the ’32 Ford so iconic? | Foose on Design – Ep. 1


What makes the ’32 Ford so iconic?

There are only a select number of automotive designs that have an almost universal draw, and the 1932 Ford Model B stands near the top of that short list. Whether factory or heavily customized, the ’32 Ford has a gorgeous appeal, but why is that? Chip Foose sat down with a pen and our cameras to share his thoughts about how this 87-year-old design is still relevant today.

What makes the ’32 Ford so iconic?

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Canadian Flathead Block Identification By Fred Mills


Canadian Flathead Block Identification By Fred Mills


Useful information on identifying Canadian Flathead engine blocks from Fred Mills over at the Flathead Ford Support Group.

A list of the production line blocks, this list does not include replacement blocks:

  • 1932 – straight down drain cocks, no recessed area at front of motor
  • 1933 – early had angled drain cocks, no recessed area at front of motor
    • late had angled drain cocks, start of recessed area
  • 1934 – same as late 33
  • 1935 – start of crankcase ventilation, late castings have insert mains
  • 1936 – insert mains and poured mains mixed in production
  • 1937 – relocated water pumps
  • 1938 – early, same as 37
    • late, 24 stud heads
  • 1939 – Ford similar to 38 with larger mains
    • Mercury larger bore
  • 1940 – same as 39 both Ford and Mercury
  • 1941 – No freeze plugs in oil pan rail, intake area now looks raised
  • 1942 – same as 41 both Ford and Mercury
  • WW2 – no one really knows
  • 1946 – the 59 series engines, valve angle changed, fails pencil test, etc
  • 1947 – same as 46
  • 1948 – cars same as 46-47. new pickups get 8BA
  • 1949 – 8BA: removable bell housing, changed water passages
  • 1950 – 8BA sometime around here the intake valve seats were eliminated
  • 1951 – 8BA
  • 1952 – 8BA sometime around here the exhaust valve seats were eliminated
  • 1953 – 8BA
  • 1954 – Canadians and others used 8BA for last year, no USA flatheads

Here is the 221-239-255 cube flathead block story with pictures, to the best of my knowledge and ability to collect pictures so far.

Read the rest of Canadian Flathead Block Identification By Fred Mills here 

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Henry Ford and the New Flathead V8 1932


Here’s a great video published by Bill McGuire on YouTube featuring the launch of the 32 Ford and the famous Ford Flathead V8. The entire new 1932 model range is introduced car by car at the end of the video. Henry and Edsel are also featured in what appears to be a rare happy moment.

Little did they know the Flathead V8 would still be revered 86 years later!


The Model B Gearbox Conversion Part 2


Took the Model B gearbox over to my friend John to give it a look over, not surprisingly we found very little wrong with the exception of some damaged threads where the gearbox top mounts

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The Model B into Model A conversion is rarely done and is quite complex meaning quite a bit of research and parts gathering will be required. John has kindly started to gather some of the parts as you can see below.

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An adaptor plate to secure the Model B gearbox to the Model A engine, tailshaft/torque tube adaptor and sheet metal to modify the Model A sump have already been sourced by John. A number of other challenges such as mounting the handbrake, swapping the release arm to LHD, pedal box and radius arm modifications and Flywheel machining just to name a few! A gear lever for the Model B gearbox is on the way.