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2022 Detroit Concours Weekend Mega Gallery | Kicking back with classics – Joel Stocksdale @autoblog

2022 Detroit Concours Weekend Mega Gallery | Kicking back with classics – Joel Stocksdale @autoblog


(Note from the Ed) – I have a special interest in this article, having seen both of these marvelous vehicles up close during a visit to the the GM Heritage Centre a few years back (article here)

Capping off a wild week with the North American International Auto Show was an equally car-filled weekend thanks to Hagerty. The classic vehicle insurer hosted a few events over the weekend as a part of its move to make the Concours of America the Detroit Concours d’Elegance. This includes hosting the events in downtown Detroit, with the concours at the Detroit Institute of Arts, and Cars and Community, a combination of Radwood and Concours d’Lemons, at Comerica Park. Each event attracted more than 100 cars, and we’ve assembled photos of a large number of the cars at all these events for you to peruse.

The headline even was certainly the Detroit Concours, and it attracted some truly phenomenal classic cars across a wide spectrum. Showstopping classic concepts such as the Buick Y-Job, General Motors LeSabreFord Mustang I and Chrysler Turbine Car all made appearances. There were sections for classic hot rods and mid-century customs such as the Dodge Deora pickup truck. And of course there were other pre-war and post-war classics from America and Europe

The Buick Y Job, The First Concept Car


A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit the limted access GM Heritage Collection in Sterling Heights Michigan as a Birthday present.

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A recent edition of Jay Leno’s Garage featuring the Buick Y Job reminded of how lucky it was to have been up close to this ground breaking car.

The Buick Y-Job was the auto industry’s first concept car, produced by Buick in 1938. Designed by Harley J. Earl, the car had power-operated hidden headlamps, a “gunsight” hood ornament, electric windows, wraparound bumpers, flush door handles, and prefigured styling cues used by Buick until the 1950s and the vertical waterfall grille design still used by Buick today. It used a Buick Super chassis, indicated by the word “Super” located above the rear license plate. (read the full article here at Wikipedia)

The Y Job is one of the few cars that I have on display at home.

We Owe Modern Automotive Design To Harley J. Earl


I’m a great lover of the designs of Harley J Earl, having seen a number of the cars up close at the GM Heritage Centre I have even more respect for his work.These are some pictures that I took during my birthday visit

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There is a great article here from Rod Authority by Jake Headlee on Earl and his impact on automotive design.