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Ford’s secret weapon | The story of Alan Mann Racing | Goodwood Masters

Ford’s secret weapon | The story of Alan Mann Racing | Goodwood Masters


When Ford of America wanted someone to run some cars, it turned to a British racing driver. He promptly turned up, beat the much bigger American Fords with his British Ford Cortinas, and went home. That is the story of how Alan Mann Racing was born, and pretty soon the team became the go-to place for Ford for help developing its racing cars. From the Cortina to the GT40 and F3L, they all went through Alan Mann racing and the driver roster is second to none, with Graham Hill, Jacky Ickx, Jackie Oliver, Jackie Stewart, Jack Sears, Jack Brabham and more all racing for the team. Now back out of a period of dormancy, Alan’s son Henry is keeping the AMR light going

In the latest part of our series of Goodwood Masters presented by Motul, looking at the people and firms behind some of the classic car industry’s greatest machines, we visited the modern Alan Mann Racing to find out about its history and how Henry and his team are keeping the legacy going.

1961 Chevrolet Impala: Dan Gurney’s American Export – Petrolicious


Its career was brief and many many years ago, but it’s story is still being told thanks to Ed Foster.

The words “Chevy Impala” don’t tend to have motorsport connotations for most people, but that didn’t stop Dan Gurney from ordering one from the factory in police specification with an aim to take it racing in England. He’d been watching Jaguars dominate the British saloon car series and thought he could put the big Chevy above them on the podiums, so after rebuilding the motor to his liking Mr. Gurney sent his Impala across the Atlantic and proceeded to whoop the competition… for almost one full race. The Impala was leading in its debut before a wheel failure, and upon its return to the grid in the next race was banned from the series. It’s a lesser-known project from a man who earned a laundry list of racing success, but thanks to its current owner Ed Foster, its brief but inspiring underdog story is still being shared today.

Go behind the scenes at the photo shoot here

Buying Dan Gurney’s Chevy Impala – Ed Foster @GoodwoodRoad&Racing


Great series of articles from Ed Foster on the story of Dan Gurney’s Impala and it’s return to the UK and the completion of Dan’s final two laps at Silverstone

As with many projects, this one started with a passing remark from someone. Matt Hearn, the Event Content Manager here at Goodwood, mentioned ‘Dan Gurney’s Impala’ and, having never heard of it, I Googled the car.

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Good news and bad news. It should be a strapline for motor racing, shouldn’t it? Some of you will remember a piece I wrote about buying Dan Gurney’s 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS in March. Since then the car has undergone a left-hand-drive conversion, has been shipped over to the UK and I have now finally seen it…

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The third and final part of the story: the Chevrolet Impala SS nears the end of its journey to the Goodwood Revival, but it hasn’t been without its problems…
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Interview with Keith Clements of the Jowett Car Club for Americas Web Radio


My interview with Keith Clements, who is the current Competition Secretary, Webmaster and former Chairman of The Jowett Car Club can be found Here. It’s a great listen!

Keith has owned his Jowett Jupiter since 1969 and has competed in 27 countries with the vehicle over the years.

Keith has also made major trips in Jowetts across the USA, Artic Circle, and the east and west coasts of Australia and Tasmania.

In addition he has toured the North and South of Islands of New Zealand again in a Jowett.

Keith also helps to organise the fleet of Jowetts that act as the taxi fleet for the Goodwood Revival.

On the club side of things Keith has been a major part of the team that has been a three times best stand winner at the Practical Classics Restoration Show.

In 2012 Keith was voted Classics and Sports Car Club Personality of the Year

The club won the Club of the Year in 2013

Keeping things in the family Keith’s daughter won the Classic Car of the Year in her own self restored Jowett Jupiter in 2010.

The club website is Here

Audio also here