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Peep Mirror Adventures Part 2 Grinding it Out!

Peep Mirror Adventures Part 2 Grinding it Out!


It’s the weekend again and back to the mirror conundrum.

I worked out the grub screw thread using a thread gauge and ordered some shorter screws. The originals are 6mm x 6.5mm. So decided to try 6mm x 6mm and 6mm x 5mm. However upon trying both options the door still wouldn’t clear the mirror.

So back to the bracket and see how we go

As can be seen above the screws are proud and causing the issue

So the best option appeared to be to grind one of the original screws down to a correct level as it appears 6mm x 5mm are about the shortest available. To make things easier the screw was inserted into a nut and locked with another screw to allow an easier grinding operation.

Once the grinding was done and the threads cleaned up it was time to fit them to the bracket.

This now allowed the screws to be tightened with the right clearance to allow the door to shut.

Next step is to fit the arm and once again check the door for closure

As you can see there is a bit of paint damage from where a mirror was previously fitted, this will be touched in when the weather warms up a bit.

The fit was good, so the mirror head was attached and initially adjusted

Looks pretty good with the two mirrors and will help safety wise.

No such thing as an easy job!

Peep Mirror Adventures


After nearly 10 years of ownership it was about time to match the drivers side peep mirror on the passenger side of the Sport Coupe

The mirror is good quality and comes with a rubber pad and allen key. The mirror is also adjustable for side to side and angle
Mirror is quite adjustable

In theory this mirror is “exactly” the same as the original on the drivers side, but…

The bracket needed quite a bit of adjustment (bending!) to get to the situation below

Then the next challenge

The grub/set screws are too long to allow the door to close, when compared to those on the original they are around 2mm too long. These are a probably a little too short too cut or grind and I’ll see if I can source before attempting the hackery 🙂

So, updates to follow!