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1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Front Brake Maintenance

1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Front Brake Maintenance


Since the juice brakes were updated not long after I got the car, one of the previous owners had changed the standard Model A mechanical brakes to hydraulic (juice) brakes. They had used the earlier brakes and I converted to the later 39-48 version which in my experience are easier to maintain. The reason for taking a look at the front brakes was that the passenger side front was grabbing a little when cold.

All the the shoes were cleaned up with abrasive paper, the shoe touch points and adjusters lubricated. The drivers side front brake drum is showing signs of wear from previous brake shoe wear issues. A new drum will be sourced as well as a set of shoes. After the inspection the drums were refitted, wheel bearings repacked and the brakes adjusted. Wheels were then refitted ensuring that the wheel protection rings were fitted between the wheels and brake drums. These rings stop the wire wheels from cracking. Wheel bearings were adjusted and split pins fitted, then brakes were adjusted.

Whilst working on the front brakes I took the opportunity to adjust the cables on the excellent Cling handbrake system. Details here

Early Days of my Model A – Part 2 Early Impressions


After the shock of the early delivery I started to take stock of what I had bought as it’s always a gamble buying sight unseen even with pictures.

Joe had left some start and stop instructions in the car which were really helpful and the title was also in the car

Managed to get the car started and reversed the car out of the garage, pretty hard to move as the brakes were stuck on to a degree and the handbrake cable was inoperable and I’d hazard a guess never worked. I’ll come back to the brakes a little later.

Upon opening the hood I found that the car had been fitted with a Pertronix electronic ignition replacing the points. Another point to note was the state of the wiring. As suspected I was looking at a little bit of an unfinished project. But on the bright side the car ran well.

An initial look at the underside showed some rust mostly surface but some work needed on the usual inner wheel arch area

The interior looked good and appeared to have a LeBaron Bonney interior kit fitted

57 Varities of Brakes!!


Started looking at the brakes today and found a bit of a mix and match situation. The 1929 Model originally had manual “rod” type brakes. It was common practice to use hydraulic brakes from the later 30’s and 40’s Fords. My friends on the H.A.M.B. (Hokey Ass Message Board) have assured me that what I have will be OK if the the wheel cylinders are the same bore.

“The one front and one rear backing plates shown are ’39-’41 style brakes with the adjustable lower anchors.

The two different style hub/drum shown are interchangeable, no cause for concern.

The ’39-’41 used a different sized front wheel cylinder as compared to the ’42-’48 brakes; but all the aftermarket replacements are the larger (later) size, which is not a problem if used in pairs.”

The next task will be to inspect everything and get a modified handbrake cable ordered from the States.

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