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Model A Ford Sport Coupe Windlace Challenge Part 2

Model A Ford Sport Coupe Windlace Challenge Part 2


Whilst the top coat was curing on the upper retainers work began on the front left hand side windlace.

The next piece of work started at the front windscreen opening lever. Upon removing the lever to get access to the window frame trim which in turn allows access to the windlace retainer. The frame trim cannot be removed until the windscreen header bar is removed. To gain access to the header bar the rear view mirror and the header trim needs to be removed. Once the mirror and trim was removed it was found that the bolts were seized, these have been soaked in penetrating fluid and will be revisited after a few days soak. In the meantime the upper dash panel and the left hand kick panel were removed.

The A pillar windlace  retainers are held in place by a number of tubular rivets, these present a challenge. A number of methods have been tried across the Model A community, one of these is to use a carbide tipped tool on a Dremel to grind off  the head of the rivet. After applying some tape to protect the area around the test rivet, the method appears to work quite well.

Part 3 to follow