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Inside the thrash: A look into building a hot rod on a tight deadline, part 1 – Wesley Wren @Autoweek


Scott Sheehan’s T.R.O.G. ready Model T will make its debut in Detroit … if it’s ready

With the Grand National Roadster Show wrapped, and America’s Most Beautiful Roadster inked into the history books, the hot rod world will start to shift its eyes further inland to the Detroit Autorama. Sure, most folks will have their eyes set on the next group of Ridler contenders, but traditional hot rodders will be waiting with bated breath to peek into the Autorama’s basement — home of the Autorama Extreme — to get a taste of what they could see at various shows across the country for the rest of the year.

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The Stoner T: How to build a hot rod in 10 years (and influence people), part two – Dan Stoner Hemmings


Here’s part two of Dan Stoner’s Model T Hot Rod build, it’s as entertaining as the first!

The first chapter of the Stoner T story ended in the Summer of 2003, when nearly the entire front end of the rolling chassis was stolen from the open carport behind my apartment building. This is the right moment to mention how lucky I’ve been throughout this hot-rod Iliad: Just when everything seems to go wrong, it all goes so right…

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