Staunton’s Country Classic Cars Owner Reflects on Fire Damage

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Country Classic Cars owner Russ Noel reflects on the damage to his 20-year-old family business after Tuesday night’s fire destroyed about 150 cars worth millions of dollars. Investigators have not yet identified the cause of the fire. Video by Morgan Timms here

You can see how upset he is, but he’s determined to rebuild the business!

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Volo Auto Museum

Volo Auto Museum in Volo Illinois is a great place to visit on a regular basis, not only is it a really great car museum, it’s also a car sales operation, so each time you visit the exhibits are different. The museum also has quite a large exhibition of film and celebrity cars to enjoy.

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Down Ilinois Way (originally published in 2009)

President Lincoln’s Neighbourhood in Springfield Illinois

On a recent trip to the States we visited the capital Springfield and the restored neighbourhood where Lincoln used to live.

As you can see his wife had quite garish taste in furnishings!!

Very interesting and free of charge !!

Saugatuck and Lake Michigan (originally published in 2008)

Civilised Drive Through!

Uncommon Grounds Indeed.

A Souvenir 🙂

Oval Beach

The Keetwatin Martime Museum
The Suite

Main Street
The River

Deer in the Garden

Whilst we were on the last trip we took a trip up to Saugatuck, a lovely area on Lake Michigan.

We stayed at a very nice place called Bella Vita Spa and Suites, which is just off the pretty main street.

There are lovely beaches and the river is very pretty, particularly Oval Beach.

We found a brilliant little coffee shop called Uncommon Grounds, excellent coffee(roasted on site) really nice food, books and free wi-fi. What more would you need!!

There is another small town nearby called Douglas where we had an excellent dinner at The Everyday People Cafe