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What Makes the Ford 300 Inline-Six So Unique? – Powernation


It’s hard to deny the respect a Ford 300 Inline-Six commands all over the enthusiast world. If you’re new to this engine stuff, go ask one of your friends about it and wait for their reaction. It’ll likely warrant a positive response.

When you think of iconic engines, the Ford flathead V8, Ford 300, and the Chevrolet small-block V8 likely come to mind. These engines are considered by the majority to be some of the best in history, and Ford’s ability to craft excellence is an achievement that continues living on today. With that said, you may wonder what makes the Ford 300 so unique? Why is it a global icon?

For those on the opposite side of the spectrum, you might be wondering why it ranks so highly among enthusiasts. To answer that, it’s part of American truck culture. Those who have owned a Ford 300 know that it’s legendary due to its durability, impressive torque outputs, simplicity of design, and longevity. Simply put, they’re just hard to break.

It’s 300 cubic inches of raw, low-end torque that doesn’t break even when you try, and it helped build much of this country by always performing at optimal levels in so many types of work trucks. When Engine Power was given one to fix up, they jumped at the opportunity to make it shine. Let’s take a look at some of the history and other tidbits that make it unique.


It’s hard to imagine the engine was developed back in 1965 and still commands the same respect today, but here we are. The Ford 300 is part of the fourth generation of Ford six-cylinder engines, and it had a great run of 31 years.

This engine was responsible for powering Ford F-series pickup trucks until 1996. However, you could find it in anything from wood chippers, tractors, dump trucks, UPS trucks, generators, and in the case of ours, a water pump.

Production of this engine ushered in a new era of the unthinkable – a workhorse that could perform incredulous tasks without breaking a sweat. It became highly sought out, which is why companies like UPS trusted it in their trucks.

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What The Hell Is Going On With This Engine? – Jason Torchinsky @Jalopnik


Recently, I found myself in the presence of an engine. This is hardly uncommon, but this engine was, uh, a little weird. The engine itself, a GM inline-six, isn’t that unusual but whatever the hell is going on with that valve cover is. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one quite like that. What’s going on here?

The engine is a third-generation Chevrolet six-cylinder, an engine that was built for a long ass-time–from 1962 to 1988–and then continuing in Brazil all the way until 2001.

Most pictures of this engine I’ve seen online–and by “most” I mean “all”–have normal valve covers, without those two weird little upper stories stuck on the delightfully yellow piece.

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