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What Wheels Should I Run On My Hot Rod?? – Hot Rodding 101 – Irontrap Garage


When building a traditional hot rod wheels can confuse a lot of first time builders and we often receive emails about what to run on their project. A lot of people get mixed up between the different styles of wheels that Ford used, and do not realize there are so many options!! Matt sits down and walks us through the 3 style of wheels that Ford produced. Each style of wheel have different factory options that can be used to further customize your hot rod. There are also a huge variety of hub caps and trim rings that can be swapped around to change the look of your car. While this isn’t every single wheel option for Early Fords this should help you going in the right direction!!

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Hemi Powered 1932 Fords!!! – Garage Full Of New York Drag Racing History – @IronTrapGarage


One of our viewers Ed emailed us many months ago about the 1932 Fords that were owned by his father, both with New York drag racing history. Ray Stillwall purchased the 1932 Ford Roadster in 1948 and built the car in stages over the next 10 years. The roadster was raced at many local tracks, and even at the Allentown Fairgrounds back in 1955! Ed’s father was able to purchase the car back in 1970 and after a few other owners it ended back in the hands of Ed. The blue 1932 Ford Tudor was owned by Ed’s father and was also raced all over. This one stayed in the family and Ed continues to drive and race the car today. We enjoyed spending time with Ed and hearing all of the stories of the two 1932 Ford’s in his shop. Thanks for watching

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The 1939 Mercury Engine Is Stuck And Will Not BUDGE!!! – @Irontrap


While we had the Schroll 32 Coupe at the Wheels of Time Jamboree there was an open space in the shop. The 1939 Mercury has been sitting in storage until we had some free time and space, but starting to free up the engine should be an easy job. Boy did we under estimate how stuck this engine is

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Will It START and DRIVE After 60 Years Of Hibernation? – 1934 Ford Coupe “Beautiful” – @IrontrapGarage


In the last update on “Beautiful”, our 1934 Ford 5 Window Coupe, Matt was able to get the engine to turn over with very little work. Today we are going to work on flushing the engine and radiator of all the rust and debris and start putting the engine back together. On a recent pick Matt was able to pick up two new water pumps amongst other parts for for 34 Fords. After a day of tinkering we made major progress on the “Beautiful” and may have moved her under her own power!!

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Massive 1934 Ford Collection Buyout – 5 Cars and Tons Of Parts!!! – @IrontrapGarage


It is not everyday that you receive an email asking if you would be interested in buying a barn full of 1934 Fords, but if you do respond immediately. At first we thought the barn was going to be full of rusty and rotten 34s, the pictures we received told a different story. At that point we knew we had to try to buy it all. We won’t spoil to much in the description so be sure to watch the entire video!!

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Rust Free 1939 Mercury Coupe Hidden Away The Jersey Shore For 50 YEARS – Irontrap Garage @YouTube

Back in 2019 we pulled out a 1939 Mercury Coupe that had been sitting in a swap for 50 or more years. Since we brought the “Swamp Merc” home Matt has been dreading starting such a labor intensive project. Thankfully we recently received an email from a viewer Padraic about his 1939 Mercury Coupe. His grandfather purchased the car around 1969 and after his passing the car was passed down to him. Padraic now lives across the country and has not driven the car since the 90s. Join us as we pull out of the cleanest original 1939 Mercury Coupes we have ever seen.
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How Does An Ardun OHV Conversion Work?? – @IrontrapGarage


While visiting Ronnie Roadster Matt filmed a ton of footage while talking with Ron. We wanted to put together a video showing exactly how an Ardun OHV Conversion works for a Ford Flathead engine. Ron is a wealth of knowledge and has over 100k miles on his blue 32 Ford Roadster that’s powered by a blown Ardun. Ron shows us the inner workings of an Ardun valvetrain and some of the tricks that are needed to get them running correctly. A huge thank you to Ron and his wife Laura for letting us visit and film!!

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Ted’s Antique Auto Picnic 2021 – One Of Our Favorite Small Local Events – @IrontrapGarage


Most car shows happen in the evening or on weekends, not Ted’s Antique Auto Picnic. Local auctioneer Ted Maurer has been running the event for a number of years, and recently our friends at Cabin Fever Auctions has taken over the event. The show starts at 9 am and runs till 2 pm, with a sandwich lunch served buy the church the event is held at. This show brings out some amazing local antique cars that we typically do not see at other local shows. If you local to the Reading Area and would like to attend next year be sure to follow Ted’s Auto Picnic on Facebook!

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Ardun Flathead Heaven- Dropping Our Engine With Ron “Roadster” SanGiovani – @IronTrapGarage


The time has finally come to take the engine for the 1933 Ford 3 Window Coupe up to Ronnie “Roadster” San Giovanni, the master of the Ardun OHV conversion.

Ron built his first Ardun back in the early 1980’s and has been hooked ever since. His blue 1932 Ford Roadster with a blown Ardun has been cross country twice and around 100k miles.

Ron is a wealth of knowledge about hot rods, local Connecticut racing history and of course flatheads. Matt spent the better part of the day talking with Ron about his set of heads, and his large Italmeccanica blower that Ron has surprisingly never seen before!

We could have put together a 4 hour video with Ron and wife talking about every amazing piece of history they have in their shop and all the amazing engines Ron has built. We can’t wait to return to pick up the engine and spend more time with Ron!!