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The Hot Rod Art of Daniel Marshall –  Jive-Bomber @TheJalopyJournal

The Hot Rod Art of Daniel Marshall – Jive-Bomber @TheJalopyJournal


I should start by saying I don’t know Daniel Marshall personally, and I don’t even know if he’s a serious car guy, but his hot rod art was too interesting not to share here. The “Riders” collection of watercolors (that he very likely painted at the Race of Gentlemen) reminds me of Goro Sasaki’s art featured in the children’s book ‘Me, Dad, & Number 6’.  I like the gesture and life to his work, as the original pencil sketch always feels intact and alive, just below the surface somehow.

Article here

Interesting Alternatives to the 32 Ford! – Jive-Bomber @TheJalopyJournal


Let’s say you’ve been saving for a few years, and really have your heart set on building an original Henry Ford steel ’32 Coupe or Roadster… Nice choice. But then you hit the classifieds and get some serious sticker shock at what a rotted-out body sitting on some bent rails with a frozen Flattie will cost you. Hmmm. So what cool coupe or open car from the late 20s/ early 30s can you get for about the same money as a Deuce? Leaving aside the more common Chevy or Plymouth alternatives, here’s some very unique offerings from the era that are about the same size as a Ford, wouldn’t be a bad start for a hot rod, and probably wouldn’t break the bank either! Unlike the big luxury cars from Packard, Duesenberg, or Auburn, these were all entry-level cars made in reasonable numbers, and if you look around long enough you might find some bargains out there.

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Photographer of the Day: Ralph Crane – Jive Bomber @JalopyJournal


The Jalopy Journal regularly run articles on noted Hot Rod photographers, this one showcases the work of Ralph Crane

Ralph Crane was a German-born photographer for Life magazine for several decades, but only lived in the Los Angeles area for seven years during the 1950s. Read the rest of his story here

Drag Racing Blackbushe Airport UK 1963 – 65 – Jive Bomber @TheJalopyJournal and Bonus Bob Dylan Trivia


Some great footage of drag racing at Blackbushe Airport back in the 60’s, located by Jive Bomber this is of an interest to me as I live quite nearby.

The article is here

The video footage can be found below

The airport also hosted a huge Bob Dylan concert in 1978. A local DJ who ended up becoming quite well known on the BBC famously stated that he would “eat his hat” if Mr Dylan actually ever performed at the venue. This particular DJ guested at an event prior to the concert where I was providing the music with my mobile disco. We offered him a hat, you can imagine his response!


Ford Long Beach Assembly Plant in the 1930s – Jive Bomber @TheJalopyJournal


Really interesting piece from Jive Bomber at The Jalopy Journal for those of us of the Model A persuasion. Some very high quality pictures from the Long Beach Assembly plant back in the 30’s

You can find the full article here

The fill photo set can be viewed at the Library of Congress