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Model B Engine Further Strip down

Model B Engine Further Strip down


Now Christmas is out of the way it was time to take a trip over to carry on with the strip down of the Model B engine.

The engine has been soaking for quite some time and unfortunately is still stuck, so we got to work looking for the source of the problem

Upon removing the main and big end caps things were starting to look quite promising, however as we got to the rear main….

We found that the babbit had broken up quite badly and as a result would have been very noisy in operation. The white metal has been done previously in a non Ford type manner but this doesn’t appear to be the cause of the failure. Either way the engine needs a complete re-metalling as there is also a cracked big end.

On the upside the counterbalanced crank appears to be in pretty good shape.

Back to the task in hand and we found the source of the seizure, number one piston is stuck in the bore. We gave it a few gentle taps but it remains stuck. So we’ll be soaking the bore for a while and we’ll get back to it in due course. The bores look good so it would appear that it’s most likely carbon and a lack of movement causing the issue.

Next task is to investigate the re-metalling.



New Roof for John’s 1929 Fordor


As featured previously here in the blog,  John’s 1929 Fordor is a real barn find, however the roof was in really poor condition, which as it’s 90 years old and leather it’s hardly surprising! Luckily as Model A Fords are amongst the most popular classic/vintage car in the hobby meaning that parts are plentiful, even if sometimes the quality can vary. In this case John has bought and fitted a new roof kit, very nice it looks too!




Old Ford Rally 2019 – British Motor Museum


This years Old Ford Show at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon was very well attended by cars up to 1995. The admission ticket gave access to the show and full entry to the excellent museum. The showground surrounds the Museum and the Collections Building with it’s mainly Jaguar and reserve car content

This is a predominately UK Ford based show but the American based turn out was of a good quality with a stunning 1904 Ford Model C a highlight.

The swap meet was of a pretty good quality if mostly angled towards the newer cars, John Cochran and Brian Bignell. The MAFCGB had a good variety of Model As represented.

Gearshift Tower Overhaul on the Model A Sport Coupe – Part 2


After removing the shift tower from the car (see Part 1) I took the it over to see John Cochran and we got a good look at what was quite a bit of wear in the lever  and the selector forks, which I hope is the source of my 2/3 shift issue.

In this video we discuss the wear in the components

Step by step pictures of the assembly as much as I could take whilst actually assisting!

We replaced the shift lever, the selector forks and inspected all the other components were found to be serviceable. The worn detent bullet you can see in the pictures is from an old gearbox and is being used for comparison only.

As you can see we used the special tool to ensure we didn’t get taken out by the famous “killer spring”

Thanks to John Cochran for his assistance as always

Now to get the tower reinstalled and see if it improves the 2/3 shift.



Gearshift Tower Overhaul on the Model A Sport Coupe – Part 1


I’ve been meaning to take a look at the gearshift on the Sport Coupe for quite a while as it seem quite loose in neutral and third gear can be be a bit of a crunching affair when engaging unless you are really careful. John Cochran sorted me out a good used gear stick a while back

As you can see the ball on this one is not too worn

On to removing the shift tower in preparation for taking  over to John’s to be overhauled. Overcame a seized top bolt and then removed quite a bit of sludge from the top of the gearbox and the shift tower. As I had to push the car back into the garage I made a cardboard lid to keep the lidless gearbox clean and fitted it after carefully scraping the old gasket off.

The spring on the shift tower is known as the “spring of death” and is very dangerous to work with without a special tool.

You can find a really good article on the overhaul of the tower by Tom Endy here


For Sale 1930 Model A Roadster 


For Sale 1930 Model A Roadster

Barn find been off the road for many years ,original running gear, LHD,  solid body with scrapes and dents for the look!! but needs patch panels in wheel arches, has top frame ,mostly complete but missing seat cushions, spares include 2 new door skins UK V5 in hand £8,750

Leave a message if you are interested please leave a message and I’ll pass on details

1929 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan For Sale – Update – Now Sold


My friend John has a 1929 Tudor Sedan for sale, any interest please let me know and I can pass on details.


Solid Body

Good Runner

Four New Tyres

New Windshield & Glass

New Roof Wood & Covering

New Running Boards

New Radiator

New Radiator Shell

New Lights

Six Volt Alternator

Temperature Gauge

Clean Interior

Rebuilt Steering

Rebuilt Brakes

For Sale at £10500

V5 in hand all taxes paid


Visit to John’s


Took a little pre-Christmas visit to my friend John’s and took a look at the progress on his roadster rebuild and the latest parts he has for sale.

The rolling chassis is just about done and the body is underway, next decision is whether to go Patina/Hot Rod or a restoration? Watch this space!

Parts wise there are a good number of engines and gearboxes available both Model A & B