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Lee Iacocca could have saved American automakers—again – Jack Baruth @Hagerty

Lee Iacocca could have saved American automakers—again – Jack Baruth @Hagerty


Almost 38 years ago, a bare-bones Plymouth Reliant “K” sedan rolled up into our driveway and my father stepped out of the thing with a look of unconcealed disdain on his face. I was there before he applied the parking brake, anxious to see the car that was going to save Chrysler. His brokerage had just taken a fleet delivery of a half-dozen or so Reliants, largely on the strength of my recommendation as his company’s “auto expert,” and I’d begged him to bring one home as soon as he could.

Crawling through the rectilinear vinyl interior, running my fingers along the back of every plastic trim piece, popping the hood and gazing in wonder at the all-American 2.2-liter four-cylinder and its mighty 84 horsepower. As a late-’81 build, it carried the ultra-modern Chrysler Pentastar instead of a Plymouth badge.

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Lee Iacocca Without him, the Mustang wouldn’t have had a chance – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


The auto industry would be a much different place today had a young engineer at Ford simply taken on his first assignment in 1946, designing automatic transmissions.Instead, Lido Anthony “Lee” Iacocca, then a 22-year-old who had just completed Ford’s 18-month training course in just half that time and who already had his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Princeton, told his superiors he wanted to work in sales rather than engineering. When nobody at Ford headquarters would give him a job in sales, he quit

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1985 CHRYSLER LEBARON – £195,000!!


You may well wonder at the price of this piece of rolling artwork 🙂


Purchased new in 1985 and registered to Frank Sinatra for some six years, it is said that this high specification Chrysler Le Baron Station Wagon with woody style coachwork was used by Frank for trips ‘incognito’. It is also thought to be the last car that Frank Sinatra drove before giving up driving in the 90’s. With Woody station wagons dating back to the 40’s, this style of car is said to have been one of Frank’s favorites.

Supplied with the vehicle are copies of the certificate of title with Sinatra’s signature, also stating Frank Sinatra’s name along with ‘c/o Nathan Golden’, Franks chauffeur with the address of 70855 Sinatra Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270. Other documentation includes a copy of the warranty, again stating Franks name and address of 9601 Wilshire Boulevard

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Not really a surprising ownership as I believe that Lee Iacocca head of Chrysler at the time was a friend of Frank’s?


Abstract: The Art of Design Ralph Gilles: Automotive Design on Netflix


Really inpiring and interesting documentary on Ralph Gilles FCA Global Head of Design and his philosophies around design and life in general. As you would expect from a design documentary it’s beautifully shot and well worth a look. here