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Emergency/Handbrake Solution


My Model A had a hydraulic brake conversion done on it before I purchased it, like most things that have been done it’s been pretty poorly executed. The emergency brake has particularly badly done. I looked into trying to make something, but Cling’s Aftermarket in Arizona provide a ready made kit. Even with the shipping it’s a pragmatic solution.

Emergency Brake Kit (Product Code:2004)

With no modification to your Model A, cable simply attaches to the original Emergency Brake Cross Shaft. Fits years 1928 – 1931.Complete kit includes:
  • Mounting bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Cable and ends
  • Cable adjusters

Visit to John’s


Took a little pre-Christmas visit to my friend John’s and took a look at the progress on his roadster rebuild and the latest parts he has for sale.

The rolling chassis is just about done and the body is underway, next decision is whether to go Patina/Hot Rod or a restoration? Watch this space!

Parts wise there are a good number of engines and gearboxes available both Model A & B

Family heirloom 1931 Ford totaled by distracted driver in Corolla – Nicholas Maronese @driving.ca


No one likes to see heartbreaking things like this, luckily no one was hurt

At-fault motorist who destroyed Model A attempted to flee but was caught by police

Even worse was the fact that the father and son involved had only recently completed the restoration of the vehicle.

Read Nicholas’s article here


It’s been a long time coming,but the Model A Cowl lacing is done!


After a long  period of prevarication and with some help I finally got around to getting the cowl windlacing sorted out, it’s one of the jobs that you always mean to get done but never do!

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As you can see the old stuff was either missing or in bad shape

Removed the old windlacing and cleaned the edge of the cowl, including the removal of the wire tightening hook in the centre.

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After cutting the lacing into four correctly sized pieces, the top part of the lacing is secured by passing a wire through the centre and securing it at the bottom of the cowl on both sides. The wire is tensioned by the hook in the centre of the cowl. Along with the new lacing and wire, the hook was also replaced. Once the top part is in place the side lacing is prepared for fitting by creating the holes for the securing rivets. We used a bradawl and a drill bit. The rivets were then crimped with pliers. Once all was in place the hood was refitted.

Under the Hood


Doing a little bit of under hood/bonnet painting before the weather gets too cold to get outside. Not exactly concours but looks a bit better. Much more left to do, but as you can see we’ve come quite a way!

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Tidying Up Distributor Wiring


There are still quite a few items to take care of on my Model A. Managed to take care of one of these today. The Pertronix electronic ignition hadn’t been very well fitted which resulted in the module that arrived with the car failing. One of the issues was that the conduit for the distributor  wiring was missing. I managed to source one and fitted it today after putting it off for ages. It makes things look a neater and more authentic.

Wiper Motor


Finally got around to install the NOS vacuum wiper motor I bought a while back.

Ordered vacuum pipe as what I have is not really fit for purpose.

The operating handle was a little fiddly to fit but worked out well in the end.

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