Under the Hood

Doing a little bit of under hood/bonnet painting before the weather gets too cold to get outside. Not exactly concours but looks a bit better. Much more left to do, but as you can see we’ve come quite a way!

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John’s Roadster (update)

Popped over to see John for a chat and to check on the progress of his roadster build, as you can see it’s progressing well, nice B engine to go in


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Tidying Up Distributor Wiring

There are still quite a few items to take care of on my Model A. Managed to take care of one of these today. The Pertronix electronic ignition hadn’t been very well fitted which resulted in the module that arrived with the car failing. One of the issues was that the conduit for the distributor  wiring was missing. I managed to source one and fitted it today after putting it off for ages. It makes things look a neater and more authentic.

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Wiper Motor

Finally got around to install the NOS vacuum wiper motor I bought a while back.

Ordered vacuum pipe as what I have is not really fit for purpose.

The operating handle was a little fiddly to fit but worked out well in the end.

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Getting the parts together for the trip to Simon’s (with a helper)

Getting all the parts sorted for the big push at Simon’s.

Parts mostly from Bert’s Model A and from Miles at Jackhammer

My furry friend was a great help 🙂

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Transmission work: REASSEMBLY

Excellent stuff from the Old Car Road Trip blog

Old Car Road Trip

Here is a video of my transmission being taken apart and rebuilt by John Karal

Its good stuff and a GREAT “how to”.

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Winter Project Home Made Blasting Cabinet, Spring Update :)

A bit of an update on the blast cabinet project started in the winter, stalled,and now nearly completed in the spring. We made the holes with a combination of hole cutters and the Dremel, decided to go with three for a bit of flexibility. The gloves are from eBay, taped in, but do the job! Air line goes in at the bottom corner, and the chimney is a piece of waste water pipe. Just need a filter for the chimney and we’ll give it a test. Not the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen but I think it will serve it’s purpose!

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Winter Project: Home Made Blasting Cabinet

As I’ve got many horribly dirty and grimy parts on the A, I thought this looked a handy little project for the small parts (found in the magazine Practical Classics August 2014 edition)

I have all the items with the exception of the gloves, which I’ve ordered from eBay.

I’ll post some pictures once our version is in progress.


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Brake Issues Mounting Up!!

I’ve got the following issues with the right hand rear brake

  • Shoes down to the rivets
  • Hold down broken
  • Handbrake cable pipe rusted
  • Adjusters seized and rusted
  • Bleed nipples missing from wheel cylinders due to backplates too near to suspension

Expecting more grief from the rest of the “upgrades” to the braking system 😦


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