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1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Throttle Linkage Modification

1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Throttle Linkage Modification


As part of the installation of the Scalded Dog manifold and Stromberg 97 Carb my friend Austen at Ozcraft made the throttle link you can see in the pictures above from Charlie Yapp’s plan. The link bolts to the manifold, but had a habit of coming loose and if tightened too much the throttle action would be very stiff. So, the link was drilled out a bush added along with a locknut behind the link. This allows the link to turn freely meaning the action was far more acceptable.

1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Running Issues Update


After doing some research some of the symptoms of the poor running issues seemed to point to vapour locking problems

As you can see above steps were taken to add some extra heat shielding to try and combat the suspected cause of the issues. The shielding was added to the recently replaced fuel lines and additionally the electric fuel pump.

After a couple of reasonably long runs, the problem was still occurring so onto the next remedy!

After some research on the excellent HAMB forum I started to suspect the “helmet” air filter, by all accounts these are quite restrictive especially the element aspect which on some examples can at lawn mower level! So, the decision was take to revert back to the air scoop type filter that was installed when the carb and manifold were fitted. The “helmet” filter was a vanity purchase!

After one run with no air filter and a few longer runs with the scoop in facing forward mode all seems OK. So fingers crossed that the carb has now got a decent amount of air and the problem is solved.

Watch this space!

1929 Model A Sport Coupe Running Issues Part 1 (Don’t Use Nitrile Fuel Line!)


When the Stromberg 97 was first installed the Model A ran flawlessly, but of late after 10 or so miles it begins to detonate, over fuel and become very difficult to drive.

Suspecting possible vapour lock, the fuel pipes were inspected to facilitate the installation of some heat insulation.

Once I looked a bit closer I noticed that the nitrile fuel line installed less than a year ago had perished quite badly.

This was both disappointing and scary due to the possible increased fire risk, what happened you may ask, not 100% sure but suspect ethanol fuel and nitrile fuel line don’t agree!

So before anything else could be done the nitrile line had to be replaced.

Gates #3225 Multifuel line was used as it’s supposed to be safe for use with ethanol and as you can see above it’s far better quality.

I’ll be keeping a very close eye on the new line to see any deterioration.

1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Front Brake Maintenance


Since the juice brakes were updated not long after I got the car, one of the previous owners had changed the standard Model A mechanical brakes to hydraulic (juice) brakes. They had used the earlier brakes and I converted to the later 39-48 version which in my experience are easier to maintain. The reason for taking a look at the front brakes was that the passenger side front was grabbing a little when cold.

All the the shoes were cleaned up with abrasive paper, the shoe touch points and adjusters lubricated. The drivers side front brake drum is showing signs of wear from previous brake shoe wear issues. A new drum will be sourced as well as a set of shoes. After the inspection the drums were refitted, wheel bearings repacked and the brakes adjusted. Wheels were then refitted ensuring that the wheel protection rings were fitted between the wheels and brake drums. These rings stop the wire wheels from cracking. Wheel bearings were adjusted and split pins fitted, then brakes were adjusted.

Whilst working on the front brakes I took the opportunity to adjust the cables on the excellent Cling handbrake system. Details here

Stromberg 97 and Secrets of Speed Scalded Dog Manifold Upgrade for the 1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe


Some time ago before my Dad passed away we had chatted about what upgrades might have been done to the coupe back in his days. He was born in 1936. Before I managed to get the parts my Dad sadly passed away.

So as a bit of a tribute I bought the following parts

Stromberg 97 Carb – from Dave O’Neil (O’Neill Vintage Ford)
Scalded Dog Manifold – from Charlie Yapp (Secrets of Speed)
Chrome Air Scoop – from Dave O’Neil (O’Neill Vintage Ford)
Facet Electric Fuel Pump – Carbuilder.com
Petrol King Fuel Pressure Regulator – Carbuilder.com

Fuel Pressure Gauge – Carbuilder.com
Braided Fuel Line – Carbuilder.com
Copper Fuel Line – Amazon
Rubber Fuel Pipe – Carbuilder.com
Various Connections and Unions
Jubilee Clips -Screwfix
Fuel Pump Relay – eBay
Rocker Switch – eBay

Parts I already had

MSD plug lead set and tool
Modern distributor cap
Wire and connectors

1 / 10

My friend Austen fabricated the required new throttle link rod from the dimensions provided by Charlie

First job is to remove the existing manifold and carburetor

This is a Model B carburetor fitted by a previous owner, this carb has had a brazed repair in the body which whilst a bit rough and ready worked fine.

These inlet manifold fixing bolt holes where not used with the original manifold, but are needed for the new one. These were cleaned out with a tap.

The carburetor and manifold were assembled and bolted into place

First attempt at wiring the fuel pump and the use of braided fuel line. This looked quite bad as the wiring was temporary to get home from my friends workshop. I didn’t like the look of the braided line.

Decided to go with copper fuel line with rubber termination to solve any issues with engine movement that may cause leaks.

The fuel pump and regulator fit nicely in the chassis rail, these were removed to change 90 degree elbows for a better pipe run

First attempt with copper/rubber fuel pipe as you can see the wiring is a lot tidier, you can also see the pipe run between the pump and the regulator. The wiring will be tidied and weatherproofed further. Use of the screwed connector has been chosen to make a pump change on the road easier.

This is a view from above, quite tidy but still not happy! Too much pipe run above the exhaust manifold and the carb feed pipe is not secured enough for my liking.

At this point a leak from the sediment trap was noticed, caused by the failure of the gasket

The reproduction item is made of neoprene but a horrible fit and had to be cut to fit. Bowl and trap were cleaned and then reassembled

Wasn’t happy with the throttle feel so spaced with some fibre washers, a lot better now. The throttle also stuck a little, so the joints on the rods were lubricated and Clive at Stromberg provided a nifty little solution to snap the throttle shut. This also doubled as a safety measure as per Charlie’s advice in case of linkage failure.


As you can see runs very well, starts better, warms up quicker, very happy.

More once I get a few trips under my belt with the new set up.

Ford’s Model A Sport Coupe caused hysteria throughout the country when it first came out. – BAY AREA NEWS GROUP


As a have a 1929 Model A Sport Coupe this article peaked my interest 🙂

Almost everyone knows of the Model A Ford. Along with its predecessor, the Model T, the two are probably the most famous of the many cars Ford has produced. More than 15 million Model Ts were built between 1909 and 1927, without a lot of changes. Henry Ford was known as a stubborn man; credit is given to his son, Edsel, for getting Henry to recognize the need to upgrade the product, and the Model A was born.

Read the rest of the article here


Berkshire Motor Show 2016


2 / 11


Went along to the Berkshire Motor Show with the Sport Coupe for its second show outing of the year

The first proper run with the new rear suspension set up, very pleased rides very well 🙂

John Cochran with his A truck was parked next to me, pretty good show with no rain and a few other American cars present.

The best part of the show was that proceeds went to Charity!