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New Seat for the Sport Coupe


Due to the leg room issues that being 6’4″ with a dropped foot bring, we are going to attempt to build a new seat for driving purposes.

We’ve started with some sheets of plywood from the local DIY, then we’ve taken measurements from both the existing seats and the car itself. Next activity will be to cut the plywood and try some test fits.

Bit of Fettling :)


Will be taking the A to my friend Simon’s workshop in July to get a number of “big” jobs done as I don’t have the facilities and space to do these at home. So to get things into a reasonable shape for the short drive I attended to a few things that had been on the list for a while.

With the other half’s measuring accuracy I fitted the posh number plates, adjusted the hub bearings, tightened up the seized bolts on the float a motor engine mounts, temporarily refitted the hardware to the odd sized front engine mounting including the broken spring!

After discussing the odd mount stud size with Mr Cochran we suspect that a new stud may have been welded on to the mount as a repair back in the mists of time. Might post a picture on the Ford Barn to see if anyone has seen anything like it before?