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Fuel Line Danger Ethanol?

Fuel Line Danger Ethanol?


I was recently doing some work to diagnose the running issue on the Model A, as part of this I was applying some extra heat protection for the fuel system.

To my horror I noticed that the recently installed nitrile fuel line had begun to show significant cracking which of course could result in a fire risk if the cracks got bad enough

After some research and the verdict is don’t use nitrile fuel line with ethanol!

This hose has now been swapped out for Gates 3225 fuel line across the board The Gates line is much better quality as you can see.

Let’s see how it goes

1929 Model A Sport Coupe Running Issues Part 1 (Don’t Use Nitrile Fuel Line!)


When the Stromberg 97 was first installed the Model A ran flawlessly, but of late after 10 or so miles it begins to detonate, over fuel and become very difficult to drive.

Suspecting possible vapour lock, the fuel pipes were inspected to facilitate the installation of some heat insulation.

Once I looked a bit closer I noticed that the nitrile fuel line installed less than a year ago had perished quite badly.

This was both disappointing and scary due to the possible increased fire risk, what happened you may ask, not 100% sure but suspect ethanol fuel and nitrile fuel line don’t agree!

So before anything else could be done the nitrile line had to be replaced.

Gates #3225 Multifuel line was used as it’s supposed to be safe for use with ethanol and as you can see above it’s far better quality.

I’ll be keeping a very close eye on the new line to see any deterioration.