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1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Throttle Linkage Modification

1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Throttle Linkage Modification


As part of the installation of the Scalded Dog manifold and Stromberg 97 Carb my friend Austen at Ozcraft made the throttle link you can see in the pictures above from Charlie Yapp’s plan. The link bolts to the manifold, but had a habit of coming loose and if tightened too much the throttle action would be very stiff. So, the link was drilled out a bush added along with a locknut behind the link. This allows the link to turn freely meaning the action was far more acceptable.

Interview With Austen Metcalf of Ozcraft


Austen Metcalf


My latest guest is Austen Metcalf ,Master Fabricator and owner of Ozcraft Formula 1 Engineering and Fabrication. Austen spent 30 years at McLaren covering a number of roles in both fabrication and support of the various racing efforts. Since starting Ozcraft Austen has both restored and built a number of premier, show and race winning vehicles. These include a GT40 replica true to the original blue prints and full restorations of ex – Jim Clark & John Surtees historic F1 cars.

Austen has also developed a number of precision engineered product lines for both two and four wheels amongst his diverse portfolio which is too large to list here. You can find out a lot more about Ozcraft here on the website

We talk F1 and the various drivers Austen has worked with, along with his own racing exploits along with the growth of Ozcraft as a business to name but a few highlights!




The Backing Plates are Back


Took a detour on the way back from Wheels Day to collect my rear brake backing plates from Austen Metcalf at Ozcraft in Bisley. Austen has done an excellent of reworking these later hydraulic brake backing plates to fit my 1929 Sports Coupe. Pnce I have the sump completed I can start on the brakes,

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