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TJ Russell’s 1933 Plymouth HotRod


TJ Russell fabricates Porsche as his day job but his real passion is for hot rodding. To that end here’s his superb 1933 Plymouth Hotrod. The body is the only original part left!

Great photo shoot here on Roadkill Customs

The workmanship is incredible as you can see.

The engine is a former marine Hemi and all the trim has been modified, copper plated and then distressed giving a superb patina’d look

As you can see in the videos TJ drives his s*** and isn’t a stranger to burnouts and donuts

This video has a good walk-through of the car by John Chase at Hoonigan followed by a tyre burning fest!




Ammeter Change & Dash Polish


Wheels Day 2017 is coming up on Friday so I’ve been doing a bit of prep. I’ve been meaning to change & rewire the ammeter for a while. The unit the car came with was a 20 amp example which hadn’t been rewired during the change to 12 volt/alternator and negative earth by a previous owner.

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The new 30 amp unit is of course a repop as is the dash. The existing 20 amp was a better fit in the dash than the new 30 amp. So the answer was to swap the bezel from the 20 amp to the 30 meaning a better fit in the dash. I also needed to reverse the wiring so it reads correctly.

Whilst I was about it I gave the dash a clean with metal polish and WD40. I think it looks great and has a nice patina.

Sun Baked 1952 Ford F3 Truck


When it comes to patina, the dry hot sun of Arizona produces some of the
best. This 1952 Ford F3 was parked out in the heat for many years. The
owner at the time claimed it ran when they parked it, so the seller
bought it and towed it home. After a little work, they had it up and
running again. They have since listed it here on eBay.

Sun Baked 1952 Ford F3 Truck.

via Sun Baked 1952 Ford F3 Truck.