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Using old photos to determine when the family car became a family member – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

Using old photos to determine when the family car became a family member – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


Is it just because cars became ubiquitous during the second half of the 20th century that they constantly appear in family album photographs, or is it something more? At what point did cars not only deserve to feature in photographs (back in the days of film when photos still cost something to develop) but also to feature in photos with family members?

At what point did cars essentially become family members? At what point did they become beloved – if not keepsakes, then certainly worth memorializing along with our youths and our accomplishments?

The answer, of course, differs from family to family. And thanks to our readers, we get to see when that happened for many different families. Take, for instance, uncle Alvin posing with his new 1958 Buick, above, as jhmoore1 shared over on My Hemmings.

Then there’s Karl Schultz’s little sister, Karol, along with the family’s 1948 Crosley CC station wagon in a photo that their father, Herold Schultz, took in 1952 in Milford, Ohio.

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Junkscape: 1941 and the story of Shorpy- @ShorpyPhotoArchive


August 1941. “Conservation. Scrap iron and steel. An automobile graveyard outside Baltimore. Scrapped cars are collected in such yards in every state. Usable parts are stripped from the chassis and the remainder of the car is sent to scrap iron dealers for processing and shipment to steel mills.” Acetate negative by “Danish,” Office for Emergency Management.

The story of Shorpy Higginbotham

Englefield Steam Up


Took the A to the local Englefield Steam Up.

Let someone have a sit in for some photos, can’t stand it when people take cars to shows and get too precious, if that’s the way you feel don’t take it…

A couple of nice Model T’s, one a Speedster, nice few hours out!