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A Brief History of Shelby Cars – Hagerty Media

A Brief History of Shelby Cars – Hagerty Media


This is a really interesting listen from the Hagerty Sidedrafts podcast, Carroll Shelby did more than Ford

Carroll Shelby behind the wheel in 1964.Credit…Associated Press

Listen here

Everyone knows Carroll Shelby’s work with race cars and Mustangs, but he’s done so much more than that! Join us for a fun conversation about some of the lesser-known Shelby cars, hosted by Shelby expert, Colin Comer, and Brad Phillips, Executive Director of LeMay America’s Car Museum.

Myth and Mogul : John DeLorean – New Documentary @Netflix


Netflix have released a recent documentary on the rise and fall of John DeLorean

Plus a look back at previous DeLorean content here on Automotive American

The documentary is a mixture of footage from a previous documentary and interviews with those involved at the time including family members.

For me it’s the best one so far and I guess may be the last?

For John’s back story you can go to Wikipedia

Information on the documentary can be found here at Netflix

A few years ago I interviewed Chris Parnham historian of the DeLorean Owners Club UK for my podcast, and I thought this would make a good companion to the new documentary. Details of the club can be found here

Chris is a lovely man and the interview can be found below


I was lucky to be given a copy of Chris’s and Andy Withers excellent book – DeLorean – Celebrating the Impossible 

The original article is here

Chrome Pipes and Pinstripes Podcast Episode 202 : Iron Trap Garage


Episode 202 : Iron Trap Garage

In this episode Royboy talks with Matt Murray of Iron Trap Garage out of PA.

Listen in and hear the story of how he started the channel 4 years ago and grew it to the point that he’s leaving his day job so that he can do Iron Trap Garage full time.

Listen here

BLASPHEMI – The Inside Scoop on Finnegan’s Gasser! – 1320 Video


Excellent video diary from 1320 Video on Mike Finnegan’s heroic efforts on the 2018 Hot Rod Drag Week. Mike’s aim was to complete the week and break nine seconds, did he make it?

Watch and find out!

You can find the excellent Kibbe & Finnegan podcast here for more information on the trip.

2018 Hot Rod Hill Climb Photos — Royboy Productions


Take a look at Travis’s excellent coverage of the 2018 Hot Rod Hill Climb in Colorado.

Whilst you are there take a look at all of his articles and maybe buy a copy of his book covering his epic 48 cars in 48 states trip, also don’t forget his podcast!

620 more words

via 2018 Hot Rod Hill Climb Photos — Royboy Productions

Knight Rider Historians


If you were a fan of the Knight Rider series back in the 80’s then this is the site for you!

These guys are the absolute authorities on the show and the KITT cars.


The site can be found here  you can find an interview with AJ Palmgren of Knight Rider Historians on Rob Kibbe’s excellent The Muscle Car Place podcast here



Revology – Classic Mustangs Reimagined


Taking the restomod so much futher are Florida based Revology who are reinventing everything but the shape of the classic Ford Mustang.

These vehicles are a true work of art as you can see here

You can listen to an interview with Tom Scarpello of Revology on Rob Kibbe’s excellent Muscle Car Place podcast via this link

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You can find Rob and Mike’s excellent podcast here on Patreon and here on iTunes

Rob has a number of excellent podcasts that you can find examples here & here if you love the US Car Scene. Subscribe to all of them!