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Ronald Finger’s 1985 Fiero 2M4 Revival  – YouTube Build Series

Ronald Finger’s 1985 Fiero 2M4 Revival – YouTube Build Series


For me this is the best rescue build series on YouTube, you see Ronnie buy the Fiero for $100 and drag it out of a wood, and two years later he’s nearly finished the restoration. He learns all the skills required along the way, it’s a truly inspiring series. Don’t get me wrong even though this is his first car restoration he had plenty of skills already in many areas, as you can see in the rest of the videos on his Fingerprints Workshop Channel.

The playlist is here enjoy!

A Labor Of Love: The Story Of The Revival Of A 1985 Pontiac Fiero is one of a numberof articles about Ronnie and the Fiero by Bryan McTaggart at BangShift in which you can follow the build along.

From Ronnie Finger’s Instagram

I’m amazed to see how many people have jumped onto the car rescue bandwagon, especially on YouTube. Each video of somebody diving deep into an engine bay, scrubbing lichens off of body panels, or spends time detailing an interior back to life feels like one gigantic middle finger to every claim that nobody under the age of 35 can be bothered to look up from their phones long enough to do something. Far from it, many of these people are actively putting in the work needed out of a desire to either make it big on YouTube, or to share the passion they have for a project. Making it big on YouTube isn’t easy, but sharing the knowledge learned from diving head-first into the deep end of the pool is always cool.

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The Final Fiero to be auctioned by GAA Classic Cars – Tom Stahler @ClassicCars.com


August 16, 1988, was a historic, yet melancholy day in Pontiac, Michigan. The Pontiac Assembly Plant, active since its construction in 1927, would shut down forever after the very last Pontiac Fiero, a red V6-powered GT, rolled off the line.

After 32 years, this historic car of note, still in its pre-delivery plastic, will join 650 cars to hit the block at GAA Classic Car Auctions on November 5-7 in Greensboro, North Carolina. GAACC is following the CDC’s guidelines to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Only registered bidders and consignors will be permitted. No general admission tickets will be sold.

Pontiac originally built cars as a companion to GM’s Oakland division dating starting in 1926. But to enthusiasts, Pontiac was best known as the General’s performance division during the 1960s, with the Tempest, Le Mans, GTO and Firebird. Over the next three decades, Pontiac would endure a downward spiral ending in GM closing the brand in the beginning of 2010.

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Pontiac Fiero museum destroyed in Michigan flooding was labor of love – Bob Golfen @ClassicCars.com


There are so many sad stories of loss coming out of the recent dam collapse and flooding in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, with many homes ruined and lifetimes of possessions destroyed, and adding to the overall misery in the midst of a deadly pandemic.

One of the more-painful stories, at least for car people, is that of Tim Evans and his Fieros Forever museum, which was brutally destroyed by the flood waters rushing through.  Located in Sanford, just a quarter mile down from one of the two dams that failed during several days of rain, the museum focusing on the mid-engine Pontiac two-seat sports cars was a labor of love for Evans.  He pretty much lost it all.

“The building got 8 or 9 feet of water,” Evans said in an interview with Autoweek magazine. “The garage door blew out and everything got washed away. We had a car up on the hoist; it’s now upside down in the back yard.”

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The Pontiac Fiero could have been a winner with a supercharged V-6 – Brett Lirones @Hagerty


By all reasonable accounts, the Pontiac Fiero was a disappointment. GM’s mid-engine experiment had a lot of potential, but it was ultimately stifled by cost cutting measures and corporate mandates designed to keep its abilities under it’s big-brother—the Corvette. Fortunately, owners and enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to right this performance-crushing wrong. And this supercharged V-6 on eBay might just be the poster child for this movement. Article from Brett Lirones @Hagerty

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