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Adam’s Polishes Waterless Wash, it Really Works!


Whilst the headline here may not be a surprise for many it certainly was for me!

I’d seen waterless washes around for quite a while and I use Meguiars Qucik Detailer quite a bit on “clean” cars but that’s not really a waterless wash.

So I purchased the smaller (16oz) size from Prestige Car Shop here the bottle arrived quickly and very well packed, by the way this is not a cheap product at £9.99 for this size.

My S10 lives outside under a Noah Block-It fabric cover which is getting a little long in the tooth. The truck is black and here in the UK the use of salt and grit on the roads in the winter makes using it this time of the year a real chore. I do however like to try and “drive my s***” once a week if possible. So upon my return from my Sunday drive I gave the Adam’s Waterless Wash product a go on a pretty dirty vehicle.


My verdict?

Very very impressed, it lifted all the salt and dirt with no scratching and buffed up nicely afterwards.

As long as follow the common sense instructions on the bottle i.e. don’t use after four wheeling, you will have great success with this product and I highly recommend it!