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Ford Model A or GAZ 4? @PreWarCar.com

Ford Model A or GAZ 4? @PreWarCar.com


The Model A Ford is probably in the top 10 well-known old cars. But have you ever heard of the GAZ 4? Well, we hadn`t till we received photographs of this pick up from Bart Kleyn. He came across the car during the rally he is organizing in Georgia, at the car museum in Tbilisi.

Apparently, there are only 5 of these licensed built cars still around. The Russian car make GAZ is something we have heard of before but this type 4 (or Model A, as we call it) not yet.

We found some information about this pre-war. And even found a photograph of the car in the video game GTA (!).

The GAZ-4 is a truck of the Soviet vehicle manufacturer Gorkowski Awtomobilny Zavod. It was produced in series from 1933 to 1936 and is technically based on the passenger car GAZ-A and the truck GAZ-AA.

In the early 1930s, there was a significant demand for light commercial vehicles in the Soviet Union. Since the only mass-produced suitable vehicle at this time was the passenger car GAZ-A.

They developed a light truck on its base, which used the car’s chassis. In addition, the driver’s cab of the truck GAZ-AA was installed. Since the GAZ-A was a copy of the American Ford Model A, also the GAZ-4 still has significant technical similarities with this vehicle. The size of the loading area was 1.10 × 1.60 meters.

Source – PreWarCar.com