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Chevy S10 Xtreme Wheel Refurb Part Two

Chevy S10 Xtreme Wheel Refurb Part Two


Carrying on from the previous post, some days later we moved onto the rear wheels

As you see these are somewhat wider than the fronts which are 235/60/R15, these are 275/60/R15.

The insides of the wheels were pretty rusty to these got a quick clean up and treatment with silver Hammerite

Once the outside of the rims were cleaned a few coats ofFrost’s High Build Primer were applied

This was followed by a number of coats of Halfords Wheel Silver 24 hrs later

After a further 24 hours several coats of Simoniz Acrylic Lacquer to finish the job

Chevy S10 Xtreme Wheel Refurb Part Three


Pretty pleased with how the rear wheels came out, playing card masking once again for the wheel silver and the acrylic lacquer.

Whilst I was at it I also refurbed the spare tyre that’s stored under the pickup bed and takes a lot of stick from the road debris and salt.

Used the spare to move the truck around whilst working on the other rims. Quite like the solid wheel look! Used the same high build primer as on the other wheels, decided to use Hammerite direct to rust paint for the final finish with no lacquer. Once done with the other rims the spare was placed back in it’s spot.

Job done!

Chevy S10 Xtreme Wheel Refurb Part One


As the Model A is a little indisposed, the S10 Xtreme is always the backup option for the showfield. However the Rallye Steelies added a few years ago are showing their origin somewhat

Rusty Rallyes!

On all four rims the finish is pretty much the same, the victim of UK road salt and poor manufacture. The real answer is tyres off and powder coating, but for now a stop gap paintjob is in order.


After a quick clean up with some brake cleaner and a wash off with some detergent, followed by a quick scuff with wet and dry we were ready for primer.

Card Tricks…

As you can see the old playing card masking trick was successfully used to get the primer onto one of the front rims.

Primed Front Rim

As can be seen the coverage is quite good, and needs to be left to cure.

At this point rain stopped play and the other front rim along with the crusty get you home spare had to be fitted. This also will get a a paint as part of the exercise.

More soon!

Model A Ford Sport Coupe Windlace Challenge Part 6 (added rear lamp bracket!)


Windscreen garnish mouldings now have the final finish applied and the windlace retainers are in primer.

In the meantime the edges of the A pillars were cleaned up and painted, ready for the windlace and the retainers to be installed

The right hand rear lamp bracket is ready to be fitted, but the incorrect bracket that was fitted also had the rubber pad between the bracket and the fender missing. The left hand bracket that was fitted can now be refurbished and be fitted to the left hand side in due course.

Left handed bracket and bolts sandblasted and  now in primer

Model A Ford Sport Coupe Windlacing Challenge Part 1


Been putting it off for some time but the time has come to get it done!

Windlace is the weatherstrip that fits around the door aperture.

On an older car the strip is fitted via a number of methods, nails, rivets and retaining strips and sometimes even glue.

1 / 23

First job was to refurbish the upper retaining strips on both doors

A lot of old oddly coloured paint and two different sorts of windlace side to side was found.

First job was to start sanding the pieces down and treating them with Hammerite Direct to Rust paint on the rear.

2 / 10

Next activity was to prep the front of the strips and apply four coats of filler primer. After the primer had dried for 24 hours it was then lightly flatted with 2500 wet and dry abrasive. After this the surfaces were cleaned with pre-painting wipes. Following this four coats of top coat were then applied.

Back soon with Part 2