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Carchaeology: The Chrysler Porsche Connection


Randy shares with us the story of a binder of paperwork found at a California estate sale that documents a confidential agreement between Chrysler and Porsche back in the late 70’s and early 80’s that has never been publicly discussed!

For a long time Porsche nut like Randy (that has also been playing with a ton of amazing Mopars lately), this has been a mind blowing revelation and connection between the two brands that have visited the lab this past year.

Tom Cotter meets Randy Carlson and a Really Interesting Hot Rod on the Barn Find Hunter


Episode 41 of Tom Cotter’s excellent YouTube series Barn Find Hunter finds Tom visiting Randy Carlson and his eclectic car collection. The car that interested me the most was the Model A Hot Rod at 16:20 of the video. This car has a great history that Randy has researched with the owners family.

Randy’s 1932 Packard that he raced at The Race of Gentlemen is also featured in the video

Randy also has another Packard which he bought as yard art along with a couple of really nice Model Ts that he has saved and are in remarkable condition. You can see the yard art Packard here