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An Unexpected Surprise

An Unexpected Surprise


Whilst on a recent trip north passing through Glossop in the Peak District I came across Reliance Garage which is run by Peter Shaw. The reason the garage caught the eye is the collection of vehicles Peter has in his showroom and workshop.

In the showroom amongst various historic collectibles you will find a pristine AA tow truck and a 1923 Model T bus. Peter advised that the bus was built by Mann Egerton back in the day.

Peter then took me around to his workshop where further gems could be found. These are a nicely restored RHD 1928 Model A Phaeton originally from Australia, and a 1930 Model A pickup amongst other vehicles. Peter noted that he has a number of other early Fords in his other location.

I’d like to thank Peter for taking time to show me around having landed with no notice and delaying the end of his day. Just proves what great people the Model A fraternity are!