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Modern Speed at the Bonneville Salt Flats – Philip Thomas @HotRodNetwork


Certainly one of the most unique aspects of land speed racing (LSR) is the wild variety of machines. The open-classing structure of LSR finds room for just about any machine you can think of; innovation and evolution are the names of the game here.

Great photographic view of the machinery from Phillip Thomas at HotRod Network.

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McKenzie’s Auburn Speedster Dry Lakes and Cross-Country Runs (From the Old Motor)


I love this article from  the excellent Old Motor

Bob McKenzie behind the wheel of this Auburn Speedster may have started the his 20-plus year-long career of setting cross-country and city-to-city record runs. His timing might have been perfect as, during the very depths of the Great Depression, he and others made a living of setting records for automakers and suppliers.

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1932 Ford High Boy Roadster; Metallic Blue, “Miller Automotive Chino”


I keep seeing pictures of this lovely 32 High Boy, finally I found some more detail on the Sports Car Digest website coverage of the Auctions America California 2013 auction report:

Lot # 759 1932 Ford High Boy Roadster; S/N AB5055556; Metallic Blue, ‘Miller Automotive

Lot # 759 1932 Ford High Boy Roadster; S/N AB5055556; Metallic Blue, ‘Miller Automotive Chino’/Grey Naugahyde; No top; Original, modified for competition or performance, 3 condition; Hammered Sold at $48,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $52,800. No Reserve – 221 flathead, Offenhauser heads, Offenhauser intake with three 97s, Harman-Collins magneto, alternator, quick change axle, steel wheels with hubcaps and trim rings, 5.50×16 front, 10.50×16 rear tires – A sweet old thing clocked at 142.97 mph at Bonneville in 1954. Tired, dull old paint, chipped frame, dirty engine. I love it. – This may be the coolest car in Auctions America’s Burbank auction. It just reeks of early hot rodding days in southern California and on the salt flats. Its condition, while aged and neglected, is sound and complete. For a moderate price someone bought a resurrection project that will bring a real historic high boy back to life. Will it be worth it financially? Probably not, but a concours trophy or two, a run at Bonneville Speed Week and a few mornings’ admiration and accolades at Cars & Coffee will flesh out the financial cost with ample psychic income. It represents full value for money at this price.