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Reinstating Vacuum Wipers 1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe


As part of the fitting of the Scalded Dog inlet manifold and Stromberg 97 Carb the take off for the vacuum was no longer available in the same manner. The inlet manifold has a blanking plug underneath as standard. This was removed and replaced with a fuel line type fitting to create a vacuum take off of to power wiper motor

A piece of fuel pipe was attached to the fitting and mated with some vacuum pipe fed into the passenger compartment and added to the existing pipework to feed the motor

Here are the results, wiper functioning once again.

Making an Adjustable Throttle Return Spring for the 1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe


After the conversion to the Scalded Dog inlet manifold and Stromberg 97 carb there has been some slight throttle sticking issues. The majority of the issue had been cured by the snap shut device provided by Stromberg

Snap Shut Device

Despite this the throttle still occasionally sticks a little due to the nature of the linkage.

A spring was needed and not one that was too heavy which would add to an already fairly stiff throttle action.

I couldn’t really find what I wanted so I decided to create something out of some small springs that I already had, plus an electrical connector to allow for some adjustment once fitted.

This worked out well and I was able to adjust the tension after fitting. You’ll notice the use of some heat shrink tube to make things look tidy.

So far so good!

1929 Ford Cabin Speedster – Charlie Yapp @Secrets of Speed Society


If you are into vintage performance or vintage cars in general I would suggest you get over to Secrets of Speed 

Secrets Of Speed Society (since 1991), is  a society of several thousand individuals who enjoy vintage racing credited and founded by Charlie.

Not only is there an excellent awardwinning publication (Secrets, Vintage Speed & Sport, Magazine) you can also buy any performance parts that your heart desires for your four banger.

This post is focusing on Charlie Yapp’s cabin speedster project, Charlie is the creator of Yapp Studios and the Secrets of Speed along with wife Donna.

The Speedster project was started October 2004. I was given a 1930 Model A Cowl, a 1929 chassis, a 1973 VW Beetle and I’d found a pair of 1934 Studebaker quarter windows at a swap meet, all of which sat around the barn, used up and in sad condition. The VW had been in a fire, the chassis had a front end collision and the cowl came off a Doodle Bug tractor found in a culvert on a CT farm.

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