SEMA files lawsuit against NHTSA over failure to implement replica car rules – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

SEMA files lawsuit against NHTSA over failure to implement replica car rules – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


At least one carmaker that had planned to build turnkey replica vehicles under the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act has already thrown in the towel due to inaction from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and now the Specialty Equipment Market Association has made good on its threat to sue the federal agency to spur it into action.

“There’s been no accountability” from the NHTSA, said Stuart Gosswein, SEMA’s senior director of Federal Government Affairs. “They’ve said they were close to a proposed rule, but we’ve seen not a shred of it from them.”

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal appellate court, asks the court to compel the NHTSA to issue replica car guidelines that, under the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, were supposed to have been submitted in December 2016.

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All-Electric, Tesla-Powered 1949 Mercury Sleeper by Icon – Jacob Davis @automobilemag.com and @Rich Rebuilds on YouTube


There is something for everyone at SEMA each year, whether you like meticulously crafted show cars or lifted trucks on stretched tires. The wide variety of vehicles can make it hard to stand out from the crowd, but Icon has done just that with their 1949 Mercury build despite its unassuming exterior.

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The Tesla powered Mercury has also been featured on well known Tesla rebuilder YouTube channel  Rich Rebuilds.

This truly is a work of engineering art and perhaps a way to go for modding classic cars?

Even the interior is period with the retention of the switch gears appearance but still integrating the EV display into the dashboard

SEMA LAS VEGAS TURNS 55 – HOW DID WE GET HERE? – Tony Thacker @FuelCurve


Specialty Equipment Market Association  or SEMA as it’s known has it’s annual show in Las Vegas at this time every year. I don’t normally mention it too much here as it’s  covered substantially and better elsewhere. If you want a really good UK visitors perspective pop over to the Mustang Maniac blog here

The reason that I’ve created this post is that I came across Tony Thacker’s (also from the UK)  interesting article highlighting the fact that this was the 55th year of the SEMA show

Tony’s article takes you through both the history of both the organisation and the show, read on here.

Superformance Honors Ford GT40 Le Mans Win – John Lyon @RobbReport


A special edition of the GT40 MKI at SEMA celebrates the golden jubilee of the car’s 1968 Le Mans Victory.

Superformance is bringing a little something special to this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas (October 30 to November 2). The Southern California automotive continuation and reproduction specialists will publicly debut their Future GT Forty, an extra-special—and heavily upgraded—edition of the manufacturer’s GT40 MKI supercar, itself based on the original Ford GT40 MK I.

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Racing bans, ethanol increases, and more: the biggest old car news stories of 2016 – Daniel Strohl Hemmings

2016 Year in Review

A compilation of some of the significant classic car stories in from Daniel Strohl at Hemmings

1. Ethanol-blended fuel amounts continue to rise.

2. Racing returns to Bonneville, though the salt depletion continues.

3. AACA and AACA Museum break off merger talks

4. SEMA battles EPA over motorsports

5. Auction records continue to fall.

6. Museums large and small close around the world.

These topics plus many others, can be found here