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Ray Keech: First American over 200mph – Jive Bomber @Jalopy Journal

Ray Keech: First American over 200mph – Jive Bomber @Jalopy Journal


The Brits ruled the Daytona Beach Land Speed records: Seagrave and Campbell went back and forth going faster and faster, but one man broke their streak for a brief time, when board track and Daytona 500 racer Ray Keech went 207.55 mph on the beach April 22nd, 1928. The car he used was unusual, and brutal, to say the least.

The White Triplex was backed by wealthy industrialist J.H. White, and named in his honor. The Triplex moniker came from the triple 1649 c.i. WWI Liberty Aero L-12 (v12) motors displacing a whopping 81 liters combined. One gigantic Liberty motor sat in front of Keech and two more behind him, in a direct drive arrangement. The 36 cylinders combined allegedly produced 1500 horsepower and had the potential to go 220 mph if the feeble chassis and an extremely brave driver could tame it.

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That Time Lincoln Built a Land-Speed Mark VIII and set a 182 MPH Record at Bonneville – Daniel Strohl at Hemmings


Believe it or not they actually did, it still exists and will be auctioned at Mecum soon!

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McKenzie’s Auburn Speedster Dry Lakes and Cross-Country Runs (From the Old Motor)


I love this article from  the excellent Old Motor

Bob McKenzie behind the wheel of this Auburn Speedster may have started the his 20-plus year-long career of setting cross-country and city-to-city record runs. His timing might have been perfect as, during the very depths of the Great Depression, he and others made a living of setting records for automakers and suppliers.

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