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Crawling through a Toronado to find a Corvette | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 65

Crawling through a Toronado to find a Corvette | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 65


Crawling through a Toronado to find a Corvette

Tom has crawled over and around cars before but never through one. In this episode of “Barn Find Hunter,” Tom discovers a warehouse full of rare Brass Era cars and desirable Mid-60s classics that are so packed in that he has to crawl through a Toronado to get to a Corvette.

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Crawling through a Toronado to find a Corvette

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Government Special Order ‘57 Chevy Discovered in Alaska – Max Holder @Autoclassics


Tom Cotter continues his search of unique cars in Fairbanks, Alaska and discovers a Boss 302, ‘57 Chevy and a ‘47 Mercury Pickup

In this episode of Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter begins his journey using an old adage from fellow motoring journalist Peter Egan of Road & Track Magazine: If you want to look for old cars, go to a small airport, because the wings of an airplane leave lots of room to put cars underneath them.

True enough, Cotter finds some truly remarkable cars doing just that.

A Flock of Ford Hot Rods Found in Fairbanks, AK | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 52


Tom finds himself in North Pole, Alaska, where he meets John, an eclectic car guy with all sorts of fun stuff. You’d never guess a stash like this– that includes several Ford hot rods and some very interesting Studebakers–could exist in a remote town in Alaska. But after many years of collecting these vehicles, John seems more than ready to part with most of them… for the right price, of course

Greatest barn find collection known to man | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 46


Tom Cotter, a real favourite here has come up with a major find in the latest episode of The Barnfind Hunter

There are barn finds, and then there are barn finds. This, my friends, is the latter. Longtime fans of Barn Find Hunter know that Tom Cotter has turned up some unbelievable treasures in the past, but I can honestly say this very special discovery is one of the most spectacular automotive experiences I’ve ever had. Come with Tom and me into the deep woods, somewhere in the Carolinas, where a hidden motherlode of barn-find classics slumbers in scattered buildings amidst the poplars, sweetgums, and hickories.

Article from Eric Weiner here at Hagerty



Barn Find Hunter kicks off Alaska trip with sweet 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 – Eric Weiner @Hagerty


When it comes to searching for old, forgotten cars, nobody likes to go off the beaten path like Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter. But this time Tom’s taste for adventure takes him way out in Alaska, where classic car culture is alive and well. You might remember Tom’s previous visit to Alaska with his 289 Shelby Cobra resulted in an unexpected encounter with a bear, courtesy of Fig Newtons. Would Alaska be so welcoming this time around? I joined Tom’s hunt to find out.

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A Conversation with a Reverend Doctor and Car Collector – Tom Cotter Motor City Barn Finds: Detroit’s Lost Collector Cars


By definition, a barn find is a car-guy’s car that’s fallen off the radar of other car guys. They’re vehicles that were stashed away in and on properties that haven’t changed ownership in decades. Of course, Detroit, AKA The Motor City, doesn’t have a whole lot of barns within its confines. But as Tom Cotter, the author of Motor City Barn Finds: Detroit’s Lost Collector Cars discovers, Detroit turns out to be an incredible hotbed of collectable cars in need of a new owner. One such tale from the book is the one about Sam White, the car collecting reverend and doctor.

Another excerpt from Tom Cotter this time it’s from his Motor City Barn Finds publication and it features Detroit preacher and car collector Reverend Sam White.

Read the the rest of the article here

Reverend White was also featured in Tom’s The Barn Find Hunter YouTube series

Barn Find Road Trip: Day 1 – The Story of Snowball Bishop


This blog article is from 2015 and it’s about part of the road trip that eventually resulted in the excellent Tom Cotter’s book Barn Find Road Trip

This leg of the trip took Tom and his gang to the property of Snowball Bishop a pretty remarkable guy as I think you will agree if you read on here

As you can see there are some remarkable things to see at Snowball’s place, in fact Tom liked it so much he has revisited Snowball for the brilliant Hagerty Barn Find Hunter YouTube series

Please read and watch to enter the World of Snowball!

Tom Cotter meets Randy Carlson and a Really Interesting Hot Rod on the Barn Find Hunter


Episode 41 of Tom Cotter’s excellent YouTube series Barn Find Hunter finds Tom visiting Randy Carlson and his eclectic car collection. The car that interested me the most was the Model A Hot Rod at 16:20 of the video. This car has a great history that Randy has researched with the owners family.

Randy’s 1932 Packard that he raced at The Race of Gentlemen is also featured in the video

Randy also has another Packard which he bought as yard art along with a couple of really nice Model Ts that he has saved and are in remarkable condition. You can see the yard art Packard here


Stored for 26 years, a 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra sheds its cage – Hemming & The Barn Find Hunter


I recently watched an episode of Tom Cotter’s “The Barn Find Hunter” where he found an unbelievable haul of cars, one of which was a rare Cobra.

You can watch the video from the show below.

Kurt Ernst at Hemmings has done an article on the same find which you can read here