The Village of Fairview and the Detroit Driving Club By: Nick Sinacori

After mentioning the Detroit Driving Club in a previous article 

I thought I’d look into the club a little further, to this end I came with an article from Nick Sinacori on the MotorCities National Heritage website.

The first Detroit Driving Club, also known as the Hamtramck Racetrack, was founded in 1832 at Jefferson and Van Dyke, in Hamtramck Township.

Read Nick’s article about the history of the  Village of Fairview and The Detroit Driving Club here


Ford renews search for the punch bowl won in the race that helped kickstart the company – Daniel Strohl Hemmings

As those of you who are kind enough to reads this blog will know I’m an early Ford history buff, so of course this article from Daniel Strohl as Hemmings was right in my wheelhouse!

The punch bowl that formed the winning prize in the famous Detroit Driving Club hosted race won by Henry Ford  in 1901 has been missing since around 1951 after the death of Clara Ford in 1950 when it sold for $70.

Henry Ford (4) about to pass Alexander Winton in the famous 1901 race. Photo courtesy Smithsonian.

Read the article here