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Update on Brakes !!


Good news on sorting my braking issues!

The hydraulic brake conversion done previously is a bit of a mess as you will have seen from previous posts. The backing plates had not been reworked for the Model A and are quite corroded. Via an advert in the Ford Barn I’ve managed to track down an unmolested full set of 42 -48 backing plates. These are far more preferable due to the simplified brake adjustment. The combined centre and heel adjustment of the earlier system is a real pain to adjust.

Just need them to arrive from across the pond and we can get cracking, in the meantime I’ll need to track down someone to reline my existing shoes as the rears are badly worn.

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Wiper Motor Success!


I’ve managed to purchase a NOS vacuum wiper motor via the Swap Meet section of the Ford Barn which is great news.

Only slight drawback is that the motor is in Tennessee USA, and would have cost $114 to ship!!

Good thing is that my Sister in Law visits Tallahassee Florida regularly, and can bring it back in September, shipping $20 🙂

Fuel Filler Screen


I’ve been investigating the fuel screen on the Model A’s fuel tank filler neck.

Purchased the item below from O’Neil’s, however it would appear that there are three different types:

Screw in

Drop in with tabs

Drop in without tabs

My filer neck appears to be made to accept the drop in with tabs type of screen. The item I’ve purchased has no tabs and it appears it would be a really tight fit. Rather than destroy anything I’ve posted a question to my friends on the Ford Barn forum to seek the best way forward.