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Sisters, ages 20 and 18, youngest winners of The Great Race – Larry Edsall  @ClassicCars.com

Sisters, ages 20 and 18, youngest winners of The Great Race – Larry Edsall @ClassicCars.com


Sisters Olivia Gentry, 20, and Genna Gentry, 18, of Newnan, Georgia, became the youngest winners of The Great Race, winning the 9-day, 2,300-mile cross-country competition for vintage vehicles. The 2021 time-distance rally, which began in San Antonio, Texas, ended June 27 in Greenville, South Carolina. 

The sisters, competing for the fourth time, earned $50,000 for their performance in a 1932 Ford 5-window coupe. Olivia drove and Genna navigated. They had finished seventh overall in 2019. 

The competition drew 120 entries in the time-distance rally that precludes the use of modern navigation or electronic devices while competing in various stages at precise time and speed averages. Teams can use only a map, stopwatches and “old-fashioned reckoning,” event organizers note.

“We are thrilled that the Gentry sisters won the race after several impressive showings over the past few years,” Wade Kawasaki, president and chief executive of event owner Legendary Companies, was quoted in the post-event news release.

“These young ladies and their beautiful ‘32 Ford have shown that the spirit of competition, a drive to compete and excellent math and navigational skills live on in the youngest generation.

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The Coker Tire Challenge 2019 is like a mini version of The Great Race – Jim O’Clair @Hemmings


The Coker Tire Challenge 2019

For anyone interested in speed, time, distance rally racing but aren’t quite ready for the  annual 10-day, 2,000-plus-mile Great Race, we suggest starting in one of the smaller regional rallies offered throughout the year. One such event is the Coker Tire Challenge, taking place a few days from now from September 19th-22nd. It’s a 3-day mini version of the Great Race, with similar rules and team directions, however, race teams start and finish each day back at Coker Tire world headquarters in Chattanooga on each of the three nights of the event. The Coker Tire Challenge runs through the beautiful Southeast Tennessee countryside with a few visits into northern Georgia and Alabama along the way. Scoring is identical to Great Race rules, with older cars receiving an adjustment factor to their scores based on the age of the vehicle (the older it is, the bigger the adjustment). For those unfamiliar with the format, two-person teams attempt to complete a route as close to a target time as possible, with no electronic aids to calculate speed and acceleration times. As always in this type of racing, the team with the closest score to perfect time wins.

The Coker Tire Challenge 2019

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